How to Create a Job Template

Using Clone to Create a "Job Template"

You have the ability to clone any jobs you create, allowing you to save time in the job creation process and create consistency across all of your requisitions. This is one of our highly recommended best practices and something we encourage you to adopt. 

  1. Click Actions drop down menu on the Jobs page.
  2. Click Clone Job from the list.
  3. From here you are able to make any edits to the new job that you wish. 
  4. Click Create and publish!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will applicants currently associated with the old job transfer? 

No, they will not. This would affect reporting on the old job. You do, however, have the option to add the candidate to the newly-cloned job. NOTE that the candidate information will stay with the old job. Do not remove the old job from the candidate as the data will be lost.

Can I use this to get my job higher on the list on the free job boards?

Do not use this to create multiple reqs for the same position to get "higher up" on the free job boards. This risks you being banned from Indeed. Once a job is over 90+ days and is able to be refreshed to the free job boards, JazzHR will let you know and you refresh it from there. Cloning before then is risky business.


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