Creating a Job Template

Save time and ensure consistency across jobs by creating a job template in JazzHR. Set up one individual job, and then clone it for an identical copy that you can then modify.

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Creating the Job Template

First, make a job to act as a template in your account. To do this, follow the normal steps to post a job. Since this will be a template, be sure to:

  • Title this job something recognizable (i.e. "Job Template," "Clone this Job," etc.).
  • Since this job will only be for cloning purposes, don't send this to the job boards or your careers page.
  • Create this job with whatever specifications you'd like for your future jobs.

Once you're satisfied with your template, come back and clone this job anytime you need to create a new one. Here's how:

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down next to the job you'd like to clone.
  3. Click Clone Job.
  4. Make any edits you'd like. 
  5. Click Create and Publish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will applicants currently associated with the old job transfer? 

No, candidates will not automatically transfer to the new job. You can add them, though, via our Bulk Actions feature. Keep in mind, though, that their job-specific information will not transfer over with them. 

Can I use this to get my job higher on the list on the free job boards?

Do not use this to create multiple postings for the same position to get "higher up" on the free job boards. This risks you being banned from Indeed. Once a job is over 90+ days and is able to be refreshed to the free job boards in JazzHR, but not prior to this.

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