Using Slack with JazzHR

Does your hiring team hang out in Slack all day? Want to send notifications about a new hire, or keep your team in the loop on good candidates? Using Slack's email integration, you can add Slack channels in as users in JazzHR and push communications out to your teams.

This article will cover:

How to Set-Up the Email Integration in Slack

Follow the instructions here to set up the email integration in Slack.

Add Slack Channels as Users

Add the generated unique Slack email address as a user in JazzHR (did you forget how to add a user?). A good suggestion for the user's name might be "Hiring SlackChannel" or "Recruiting SlackChannel" so you can easily identify which channel you're sending information to. 

Repeat this process for all your Slack channels that you want to receive recruiting updates. After you have added the channels as Users and added them to the Hiring Teams for the appropriate jobs, contact our support team by emailing and let us know which Users you will need to have verified. We will verify the user accounts on the backend so that they can receive notifications and updates.

Anything that you communicate to individual members of your hiring team, you can do for your channels. You can send them @mentions, email resumes, get new candidate notifications or share interview guides to your team!

Keep your team in the loop, integrate with Slack!


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