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JazzHR's integration with LinkedIn allows companies with LinkedIn Recruiter accounts to see LinkedIn profiles within JazzHR, use InMail to communicate from JazzHR, and easily spot candidates on LinkedIn who are already in their JazzHR account. A LinkedIn Recruiter account is required for this integration.

To obtain a LinkedIn Recruiter account, visit LinkedIn:

You must have the “Recruiter Corporate” plan level, not “Recruiter Lite,” for the integration to be supported.

Note that paid job postings to LinkedIn are available to all customers, regardless of whether or not they have a LinkedIn Recruiter account. LinkedIn Recruiter accounts do not include access to  paid LinkedIn Job Postings. These features are separate from one another. This functions the same way within LinkedIn itself and is not a restriction of the JazzHR LinkedIn Integration.

Getting Started:

To obtain your Recruiter Contract ID

  1. Visit your LinkedIn Recruiter account.
  2. Under the More navigation menu item, choose Admin Settings.
  3. Under Company Name, you will see Contract ID.

You must create a company-specific Application and Client ID on LinkedIn.

  1. Go to and login with your LinkedIn credentials. The LinkedIn Developer Network page appears.
  2. Select Create Application. The Create a New Application page appears.
  3. Complete the following information:
    • Company Name: Enter your company name or select one from the drop-down list if your company already exists.
    • Name and Description: Type in: Cross System Awareness
    • Application Logo: Upload a logo.  The image must be no larger than 80px x 80px. 
    • Application Use: Jobs and Recruiting.
    • Website URL: Enter the address for your corporate home page.  (
    • Business Email: Enter an applicable corporate e-mail.
    • Business Phone: Enter an applicable corporate phone number
  4. Click Submit. The information is saved successfully. The Authentication page displays the Client ID and Client Secret keys.  
  5. Save both of these keys for use in a later step.  You do not need to change anything on this page under permissions.


  1. Email the following information to
    • Subject: JazzHR LinkedIn Integration Activation.
    • Customer Account Name: Your company name.
    • Customer Contact Name: The name of the person with a LinkedIn Recruiter account.
    • Customer Contact Email: The email of the person with a LinkedIn Recruiter account.
    • Customer LinkedIn Contract ID(s): See the above section, “To obtain your Recruiter Contract ID”.
    • LinkedIn Client ID: See Step 4 (“Authentication”) in this section.

Once you receive a response from LinkedIn stating that you are approved to use the integration, continue with the following. 

Developer Settings

  1. While signed in to LinkedIn, go to You must be an Administrator on the contract to see the Admin Settings option.
  2. Click My Apps tab.
  3. Under the application that was set up for the Jazz integration, click the Cross System Awareness link.
    On the left hand side of the screen, click JavaScript tab. 
  4. Under Valid SDK Domains, add "" and click the Add button. (Be sure to type this in correctly). NOTE: After clicking the add button, make sure to click the blue "Update" button to ensure this domain is saved properly.


Setting up the Integration

You will need to obtain the following items from LinkedIn:

  • Recruiter Contract ID
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

Connect Your Company LinkedIn Recruiter Account in JazzHR

A Jazz account Administrator must set up the LinkedIn integration for your company to use. 

  1. Within JazzHR, begin at Settings
  2. Next, select Integrations (or simply use the following link:
  3. Find the LinkedIn section.
  4. Click Connect to LinkedIn Recruiter.
  5. Fill in the fields with the values you retrieved in Section A. These are case sensitive!
  6. Click Save Credentials.Settings___Integrations___JazzHR.png

Connect Your Personal LinkedIn Recruiter Seat in JazzHR

You must also associate your JazzHR user account with your LinkedIn Recruiter contract. This allows you to have multiple users under one LinkedIn contract.

For each user on your LinkedIn Recruiter account, he/she will need to complete this step.

  1. In JazzHR, go to My Profile.
  2. Under Personal Integrations, connect to LinkedIn Recruiter.
  3. Enter the email address that you use to log in to LinkedIn. This is case sensitive!


Viewing LinkedIn profiles and InMail in JazzHR

Visit the Profile tab on any candidate in JazzHR.

Viewing LinkedIn profiles on LinkedIn Recruiter

When searching for candidates in LinkedIn Recruiter, any candidates in your JazzHR account will show the text In "Jazz" and a link to their JazzHR Candidate Profile in the LinkedIn search results.

When viewing the candidate’s profile in LinkedIn Recruiter, any candidates in Jazz will show a button with the text "Jazz" and a link to their JazzHR Candidate Profile on the Recruiting Toolbox.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Q:  “I cannot see the candidate’s LinkedIn profile in JazzHR.
A:  You must be logged in to your both your LinkedIn Recruiter account and your JazzHR account. Both must be open within the same browser window.

Q: "Can I sign up using a Recruiter Lite Account?"
A: You must have a Corporate Recruiter account to use this integration.

Q:  “The candidate filled in their LinkedIn profile when applying via JazzHR, but the profile shows LinkedIn search results, rather than the candidate.
A:  LinkedIn attempts to match candidates based on first and last name, and email (if available); it does not use the public profile URL. Once you select the candidate from the list of possible candidate matches, JazzHR will maintain a link to it, so that it is always displayed in the JazzHR Profile tab on subsequent visits.

Q: "Why can't I see the "IN" button on the Candidate's Page?"
A: The LinkedIn "IN" button allows you to open a candidate's LinkedIn page with the click of a button. It comes from the candidate's LinkedIn URL being entered on the actual candidate profile. To add this to the candidate's profile, simply click "Edit" on the candidate's profile, and add the URL of the candidate's LinkedIn page. You will then see the "IN" button as you are scrolling through candidates.

Q:  “I sent inMail, but I don’t see it in JazzHR.
A:  LinkedIn only allows JazzHR to request and cache inMail records once every 15 minutes.

Q: "Do I still have to post my jobs to LinkedIn after I integrate my LinkedIn Recruiter account with JazzHR?"
A: Nope! All jobs created in JazzHR are automatically syndicated to a number of free job boards, one of which is LinkedIn.

Q: "I want my manually posted LinkedIn Recruiter jobs to show up in JazzHR. How do I do that?"
A: You will want to create a custom source tracking link by going to Jobs>Click on a job>Advertise>Create Job Link>Option 2: Custom Source Tracking. When you select "Get Job Board Link" JazzHR will auto-populate a custom link for that specific job board (ex. LinkedIn, LinkedIn Paid, Limited etc). Once you have copied this link, paste this in LinkedIn for the option to direct candidates to a specific URL. All of those candidates who apply from this link will be tracked and will flow into JazzHR.  

Q: "Can I use the same set of credentials for two accounts?"

A. Yes! As long as you are using the same Recruiter dashboard, you should be able to use the same Client ID and secret key. NOTE: If you see LinkedIn profiles for candidates in one account and not the other with the same credentials linked, open JazzHR in a new browser (Chrome is best).


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