How to Find Candidate Sources

You may need to track or find where your candidates are coming from. JazzHR does this automatically for job boards we syndicate out to, but you can also create a custom tracking link for any sources you use outside of JazzHR. This funnels candidates in to the system, and tracks where they came from. Once you have all your candidates properly sourcing, you can run reports to see where the majority are coming from. 

Analyze from the job

  1. Find and click the job title for which you want to view sources.
  2. Click Analyze.
  3. Candidate Sources will list the sources that delivered applicants.
  4. Click on the source titles to see the individual candidates from those sources

Run detailed reports

Under Reports, you have a variety of options for finding out how well your sources are performing and just getting a flat list of reports. You can use Source Quality reports to see exactly which sources are providing the most hires. A custom report gives you the option to add source as column to build out the exact information you need. 

Source Hierarchy

For accuracy in source reports, we have set up a hierarchy of which source appears in reporting if there are multiple fields completed in the candidate profile. The sourcing hierarchy from highest priority to lowest is as follows:

  1. Recruiter
  2. Source
  3. Referrer

for example: If a candidate has both the Source field (i.e. ZipRecruiter) and Referrer field (i.e. John Smith) filled out, the Source report will show the Source field but not the Referrer field.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Source Quality report, I have Interview stages but they are not showing up here in the report. Why?

Our reports are based on Recruiting Milestones, or the features in JazzHR. If you are using interview guides, those numbers will begin to complete. These numbers are not based on workflow stages.

Can I create a custom tracking link?

Yes! Just head over to the job, click on the Actions drop-down next to Edit Job, then click Create Job Link. Fill in your custom source under Option 2, then copy paste the link to your job advertisement.

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