Refer and Source Using Social Media

Using the Refer Tab

The Refer tab in a job profile allows you to send emails to track referrals via a tracking link, then see the results of your referrals in the tracking system below.

This is also where you'll find the ability to share your job on social networks. Using our referral tools will streamline the process of requesting referrals from your team or your network, and you will easily be able to see the results of your efforts and measure how effective your employee referral requests are. 

Click Into Edit Job, then click Refer to start requesting referrals for the job

While in the Refer tab, you'll be able to customize an email to your team to request referrals.  This is where you can include a list of email addresses you'd to request referrals from, type in individual email addresses, or email a distribution list to reach multiple people at once (i.e.


When you send the email, your team member will receive a link to the job posting on your JazzHR hosted page. This link will be a link to the job, where they will click on a Share Button to generate a custom link to share with their network.


Once you send an email to Request Referrals, you will be able to track how those referral requests are performing. As those who you requested the referrals from send applicants in, you'll see the stats listed by Referrer on the bottom of the Refer tab.

Now you can easily keep track of employee referrals for bonus purposes, or keep a competition going of who can generate the most interest!

Social media referrals

You and your users can leverage the power of social media to entice candidates to your jobs by using the Share a Job feature. This will increase visibility to your postings, and attract passive candidates to your open requisitions. Use the Refer tab to start! In order to start sharing, click Share on *Social Site* and sign in, then click to share the job. It's as easy as that!


Create a custom job link to track sources

Aside from using the social media tools, you can simply create a custom tracking link to post anywhere you'd like outside of JazzHR. If you like a local university board, Craigslist, Angelist, or any other website that JazzHR doesn't directly integrate with, you can use this tool to easily funnel these candidates into JazzHR and track their sources.



Clicking this will pop up with a box that gives you three options for creating your link.



1. Option 1 just provides a link to your job, with no tracking. If you're not concerned with source-tracking, this would be the choice for you.

2. Option 2 allows you to type in your source name to generate the link that will track your candidates into JazzHR. We have Craigslist entered here as an example, but you can type in anything you'd like in that box and this will begin to generate the link.

3. Option 3 lets you create a quick "apply now" button for your jobs, this is more for custom website development or job advertising. 

Frequently asked questions

Will my applications from social media be tracked as referrals?

They will not, social media posts will come in separately with the source they found the posting on, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.

When I share my job via the ADVERTISE tab under the social sharing options, the logo does not appear on the actual social media site. Why is that?

Social media sites use their own CDN (content delivery network) for images. That means they download the file, resize it, then host it on their servers. This means the site is both getting the image successfully from JazzHR, as well as successfully displaying it within other parts of their app. However, sometimes resizing the image will help resolve this issue!


Can I change the standard email that pops up to request a referral?

You sure can, head over to Settings --> Templates --> Emails and click "Request for Referral" to change the verbiage on that email.

What do the Views and Apps mean on the referral tab? 

  • Views
    The unique time a person viewed the job through the email link. If you try to constantly click on the link to "improve" the score, it won't work.
  • Apps
    The number of completed applications that were performed by using the link in the email.
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