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Take the first step to jumpstarting your recruiting efforts with JazzHR by creating a job.

Whether it's your first time using JazzHR or you're a veteran looking for a refresher, fear not—this process couldn't be simpler! 

This article covers:

Post Tab


Ready to dive in? Here's how:

  • Click Jobs.
  • Click +Create Job.
  • Fill out at least all necessary information on the "Post" tab:
    • "Job Title": Keep titles succinct and easily recognizable to attract the most candidates.
    • "Recruiting Workflow Template": Be sure you select the correct workflow, as this can't be changed once the job is created.
    • "Department": Use this field to organize/categorize your jobs internally and on your careers page.
    • "Internal Job Codes": These are for internal, record-keeping use only. 
    • "Employment Type"
    • "Minimum Experience"
    • "Job Description": Review best practices for writing job descriptions to ensure your post meets quality guidelines. Use the "Job Template" to guide you and attract the most candidates.
    • "Country"


  • Select appropriate tabs in the "Exposure" section for preferred visibility:
    • "Free Job Syndication": Controls whether your job is sent to our free job board partners.
    • "Career Page": Controls whether your job shows on your career page via any integration method.
    • "Public Search": Controls whether your company name appears on the posting. Note that this must be on in order for the LinkedIn RSC integration to function fully.


  • Once you've chosen your preferred settings, click Create and Publish Job.

Advertise Tab 

Once you've input information about your job on the Post tab, move onto the Advertise tab to manage your job's syndication.


Consider sponsoring your job via one of the Paid Job Boards, or review the list of Free Job Boards. You can also send your job to social media outlets via the "Social Networks" section and create a Custom Job Link to post your job on a board not listed.


Refer Tab

Invite your team to refer candidates for your job via the Refer tab.


Send emails to specific users asking for referrals on either one individual job or all jobs in your account. Then, track accompanying metrics as people respond.


Application Tab

Create your actual job application on the Application tab.


Combine built-in Candidate Profile Questions with Custom Questionnaires for a cohesive job application. This will be paired with information from the Post tab to display a complete job posting to candidates.


Workflow Tab

Manage this job's workflow on the Workflow tab.


Remember that your job will remain on the workflow template you selected on the Post tab unless it's unlocked. Changes must be made to the template as a whole or to an unlocked, job-specific workflow.


Team Tab

Decide which users should be part of the Hiring Team for this job on the Team tab.


Click +Team Member and type in the names of individuals or groups to build out your full Hiring Team. Once you've added all team members, select one to be the job's Hiring Manager.


Job Description Metadata

Increase your job's visibility in search results by creating a meta description. A meta description is a summary of your job description that displays when your job appears in search results. Having one helps candidates find the job more easily via a search engine.

Enter a concise description—maximum 160 characters—in the "Description" section of the Post tab. 



Frequently Asked Questions

I posted a job yesterday, and I'm not seeing it on the job boards. Where's my job?

Jobs can take up to 48 hours to syndicate to the free job boards. If you don't see your job after 48 hours of posting, contact

Can I leave job-level notes or attachments?

Notes can be input in our "Internal Notes" field in the Sensitive Data area of the Post tab. We don't have the ability to add attachments at the job level.

How can I make sure my jobs get on Indeed's organic feed?

Follow our job posting best practices to ensure you meet Indeed's guidelines. Contact with any questions. 

Can I edit a job after I post it?

Yes,  click the job title from the Jobs page and then Edit Job. Any edits will refresh on the job boards the within the next 24 - 48 hours.

Can I set a job to be private?

Yes, toggle "Free Job Syndication" and "Career Page" (in the "Exposure" section of the Post tab) to No. 

How do I remove a job from the free job boards?

Put it into any status other than "Open" and it should be removed from job boards within 24 - 48 hours. Some paid postings, however, need to be manually removed. Contact if you change your job status and it still appears on job board(s).

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