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Jumpstart your recruiting efforts in JazzHR by taking the first step to getting candidates: creating a job.

Whether this is the first thing you're ever doing in JazzHR or you're a veteran looking for a refresher, fear not—this process couldn't be more simple.

The first thing you'll want to do is click on the Jobs tab at the top of the screen, then click Create Job to get started.

Type in your job title, keep in mind that succinct and easily recognizable job titles will be the best way to attract the most candidates for your position. Choose the workflow you want, then scroll down to fill out your posting information.

Next you'll want to focus on the job description. This is very important as it is what attracts your candidates to your positions and there are a lot of suggested rules and regulations around how to craft these. For more information on best practices when posting your job, check out this article.

Use the "Job Template" to help guide you when creating your job description. This is a great guideline for you if you want the maximum amount of candidates.

  • Departments are good for organizing and categorizing your jobs internally and on your careers page
  • Internal Job Codes are internal only -- they are for your recording keeping purposes
  • Employment Type and Minimum Experience are required to post your job


Job Description Metadata

The meta description is displayed when this job appears in search results and can increase the visibility of your job. Write a concise summary of your job description to help candidates find this job using a search engine.

Example: Apply to JazzHR’s job opportunity for an Account Manager in Pittsburgh, PA


Next is a crucial step to ensure your jobs will head out to the free job boards. Job boards require a postal code to syndicate. Make sure you include a postal code for the job's location, or the nearest metropolitan area to boost your candidate flow. Indeed has a series of guidelines to continue to preserve candidate's trust, to make sure you get on their feed -- follow these guidelines.

The next part is only visible to Super Administrators and Recruiting Administrators (by default) and gives important internal information you can use to track salary or additional notes on this particular job. The salary field can only be numbers, do not insert any special characters here. 

You can use the Internal Notes section to keep a running log on this job that is only visible to roles with the Administrative Privilege: "can see sensitive job and candidate data".  You can add in your EEO questions to the application here as well. The EEO questions added here inform your compliance reporting.

Exposure refers to whether or not your jobs are going out to the free job boards -- they are selected to go out by default, clicking the toggle will remove them from syndication. You can also remove your job from your careers page (JazzHR hosted page or career page integrations) by deselecting the option to show on the careers page. Confidential search will remove your company name in your job listing, this will also remove it from the free job board feed.


This job is good to go! Hit "Create and Publish Job" to get it out in the world collecting stellar candidates!

If your page is yellow here, check for errors or updates and correct as needed. Reach out to if you need any additional assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the green, yellow, and red briefcase colors mean with the number next to the job under the JOBS view?

This is your Jobnosis score. When you click on the colored briefcase, it will give you the overall statistics-based rating system for job performance and the general "health" of the job. To get a better jobnosis score, you can click on the dropdown carrot under your various categories (job details, job title, job activity, etc.)

I posted a job yesterday and I'm not seeing it on the job boards, where's my job?

Jobs can take up to 48 hours to syndicate to the free job boards. If you don't see your job after 48 hours of posting, contact

How do I customize the questions and automated tasks/emails on a job?

You can learn all about adding questions, creating custom questions, and adding automation by searching for questionnaires in this Knowledge Base.

Can I leave job-level notes or attachments?

Notes can be input in our "Internal Notes" field in the Sensitive Data area of the Job Posting section. We don't have the ability to add attachments at the job level.

How can I make sure my jobs get on Indeed's organic feed?

You'll want to follow Indeed's posting guidelines closely. 

Can I edit a job after I post it?

Yes, you can click the job title from the Jobs landing page and click Edit Job. It will refresh on the job boards next time they grab our feed, which can be up to 24 - 48 hours.

Can I set a job to be private?

Yes, you'll just want to check the Job Syndication settings and toggle Job Board Syndication and showing it on your Career's Website off. You can also mask your company name here by marking the job as confidential. This will remove your job from the free job board feed.

How do I remove a job from the free job boards?

Put it into any status other than 'Open' and it will come down in 24 - 48 hours. Some paid postings need to be manually removed, if you close your requisition and still see it listed contact


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