How to Use Job Approvals

In larger scale environments, the ability to allow others, even managers, the ability to create jobs can be helpful in delegating workload. However, having a proper approval process is key to ensuring that good jobs are being produced. The primary purpose of the Job Approvals feature is to give users the ability to collaborate on the creation of a job by moving the job through an approval process before it is able to be marked as open and made available to applicants.


Super Administrators and Recruiting Administrators can turn the job approval workflow on or off. Here's how:



3. Click JOB APPROVAL>>toggle the switch to ON or OFF

Note: People with approval privileges in their personal profile can bypass approvals and go straight to opening a job


Enabling/Disabling the Job Approvals Feature

Any Administrator role can turn the Job Approvals feature on or off via SETTINGS>>WORKFLOWS>>JOB APPROVAL. If you have placed a job in a "Needs to be Approved" status, it will warn you if you turn off the job approval process that the job approval will be turned off for those jobs. 

Note: Job approval workflows cannot be edited if there are any jobs in the "Needs to be approved" status. You will have to wait for them to be completed or cancel their approval process in-order to edit



Making a User an Approver

When Job Approvals is enabled, Administrator-level Roles are able to give individual User-level accounts the ability to approve job postings.

You can:

 ....add as many linear stages as you want to the approval chain

 ....add multiple users to these stages with any role. Adding more than one approver means any of those people can approve on behalf of that stage.

approval_stage_adds.gif can also use the setting in user profile to grant a user the ability to bypass approval chains




Job Creation

When a user creates a position and the Job Approval Workflow is ON, they will:

1. Fill out all fields as normal

2. At the bottom of the page, click SAVE DRAFT and CONTINUE

3. They will be brought to the APPLICATION tab and at the top this has the user "Submit job for Approval" (unless the user is an Admin in which case they will see an additional dropdown to "Approve and Open" to bypass the process). 

4. Clicking "Submit Job for Approval" will start notifying the approvers via email to start the approval process!

5. Once the job goes through the approval process, anyone can place the job in an OPEN status

Note: The system will automatically set the job status to "Not Approved" if any approver rejects the posting.





Additionally, if there are multiple approvers added to a stage, all approvers will receive an email letting them know their approval has been requested. If they click on "view job posting" from their actual email, they may get an alert when trying to log in letting them know another approver completed the approval stage.




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