How to Use Job Approvals

In larger scale environments, the ability to allow others, even managers, the ability to create jobs can be helpful in delegating workload. However, having proper approval process is key to ensuring that good jobs are being produced. The primary purpose of the Job Approvals feature is to give users the ability to collaborate on the creation of a job by moving the job through an approval process before it is able to be marked as open and made available to applicants.


Super Administrators are able to enable and disable the Job Approval feature. Any Administrator-level Role can approve jobs, as well as designate users as "Job approvers". Instructions to enable, disable and use the feature are listed below.

Enabling/Disabling the Job Approvals Feature

Any Super Administrator has the option to make it so only Administrator-level Roles and approvers can open jobs, by going to Privileges in the Settings area of the system.

This option is used to enable/disable the Job Approvals feature. Note that the feature is disabled by default.

Making a User an Approver

When Job Approvals is enabled, Administrator-level Roles are able to give individual User-level accounts the ability to approve job postings.

This can be done by:

  1. Editing a user’s profile
  2. Checking Can approve job postings.
  3. This box is unchecked by default. Therefore, when the Job Approvals feature is enabled, all user accounts are immediately put into a state where they can no longer mark a job as open without going through an approval process.

Job Creation

When a user who is not set up as an approver creates a new job, he or she is able to label the job with one of two statuses:

Needs to be Approved

The default status for a new job is Drafting. The default is set as such so that the act of requesting an approval, the act of selecting Needs to be Approved from the drop-down, is a conscious one on the part of the user.

Requesting an Approval

When a user saves a job after setting its status to Needs to be Approved, JazzHR triggers an action to assign an approval task to a particular Administrator/Approver.

The user can select the Administrator/Approver to whom the task should be assigned, set a due date, and add notes to the task.

Approving a Job

  1. When an approver to whom an approval task has been assigned logs into JazzHR, he/she can see the approval task on the Tasks page.
  2. The approver also receives an email about the task.
  3. The job itself is highlighted in yellow on the Jobs page.
  4. After the approver has reviewed the job, they can let the user who created the job know that it is approved by setting the job’s status to Approved. This is a manual task, there are no auto-notifications. 
  5. The Administrator/approver also has the option to set the status to Not Approved if they want to inform the user that changes need to be made.
  6. In the same way that JazzHR triggers an action to assign a job approval task to the approver, JazzHR triggers a similar action when the Administrator/approver saves the job with a status of Approved.
  7. The purpose of this action is to assign a task to the user who created the job to let them know that the job is approved and that it can now be marked as Open.

Marking an Approved Job as Open

  1. When a job has been approved, the user who created the job is able to set the job to Open by:
  2. Accessing the job,
  3. Clicking either one of the Open Job buttons.
  4. A user is not able to open a job by accessing the job details and setting the status to Open because the only statuses that are available are Drafting and Needs to be Approved.

Along those lines, if a user who is not an approver attempts to edit an open job, he/she will see a warning message stating that the job will be set back to a status of Drafting if any edits are saved.

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