Delegate Work with Job Approvals

Collaborate on the job-creation process right from JazzHR with Job Approvals.

Designed to help you delegate the work of producing high-quality jobs, this feature allows you to assign a chain of approvers who must first sign off on the job before opening it to applicants.

This article covers:

Turning on the Job Approval Workflow 

Enable and build out a Job Approval Workflow in your JazzHR account to start collaborating. Note that you must be an Admin to turn this feature on. Here's how:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Workflows.
  3. Click Job Approval.
  4. Toggle the switch to "On".


Creating Stages and Assigning Approvers

Once you've enabled the Job Approval Workflow, start creating stages and selecting approvers.

To create an approval stage, simply click +Add Approval Stage until you've added as many linear stages as you'd like. Once the approver(s) in one stage approve the job(s), approval requests will be sent to approvers in the next chronological stage.


To add approvers, simply click +Add Approver to Stage.

Select Hiring Manager to automatically insert the job-specific Hiring Manager into each approval stage, or select specific user names.

Note that adding more than one approver to any one stage means any of those users can approve on behalf of that entire stage.

You can make any user an approver regardless of their Recruiting Role.


Note that users will only be able to bypass the Job Approval Workflow and go straight to opening the job if they are either an Admin or have the following privilege enabled on their user profile:  


Creating a Job with the Job Approval Workflow Turned On

Once your Job Approval Workflow is enabled, all newly created jobs will go through the pre-built approval chain before being opened to candidates.

When a user creates a job (and the Job Approval Workflow is on), he/she will:

  1. Fill out all fields on the Post tab like normal.
  2. Click Save Draft and Continue.
  3. From the Application tab, click Submit For Approval


Note that Admins and users with the overriding privilege will be able to click the adjacent drop-down to bypass the full workflow and Approve and Open the job.


Users who are not Approvers or granted the privilege to approve will see jobs in a "Needs Approved" status:



Clicking Submit For Approval will trigger notifications to approvers via email. Emails are triggered in approval order. Approvers will receive the following email:



Approvers click View Job Posting to be taken to the following page where they can click Approve or Reject.


Once at least one approver from each stage has approved the job, the user who created the job will receive the following email notification. From here, they can click Open Job to place the now approved job in an Open status.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I have more than one Job Approval Workflow?

You can only have one job approval workflow at this time. As a workaround, you can edit this workflow at any point to reflect different needs for various jobs in the process.

Why can't I edit my Job Approval Workflow?

Job Approval Workflows cannot be edited if any jobs are in the "Needs to be Approved" status. You'll either need to wait for the approval process to be completed or cancel the approval process in order to edit.

Why is my approval link no longer valid?

Any one approver within a single stage may approve the job on behalf of all approvers in that stage. When this happens, other approvers in that stage who try to view the job after it's already been approved will receive the following error letting them know another approver completed the approval stage.


What happens if I turn the Job Approval Workflow off?

Turning off the Job Approval Workflow when a job(s) is still in the "Needs to be Approved" status will trigger a warning and will turn the approval process off for those jobs. They'll then be placed in a Drafting status. 


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