Reports Overview

Tracking recruiting metrics is key in understanding what you're currently doing well and where you should focus your attention moving forward.

JazzHR offers a comprehensive collection of Reports to help you glean the most actionable insights for continuous improvement in your recruiting process.

Not seeing these in your account? JazzHR Plus and Pro customers have access to this functionality only. Let us know if you're a Hero customer interested in adding this to your account.

Housing over 30 individual reports total, the Reports page includes:

Standard Reports

Standard Reports are made up of 

Key Recruiting Milestones

Standard reports are based on "Key Recruiting Milestones". These milestones are critical steps within the recruiting workflow that allow you to easily identify the movement of a candidate through the hiring process. There are six key milestones within the process that the reports will highlight. These milestones have a 1:1 relationship with features in JazzHR. They are listed below with a description of how a candidate is considered to have hit each milestone:

  • Applied: A candidate applies to a requisition.
  • Advanced: A candidate is advanced from the "New" status in the job workflow.
  • Interviewed: An interview guide is completed for a candidate.
  • Offered: An offer letter is created for a candidate.
  • Hired: A candidate is moved into a Hired status. 
  • Not Hired: A candidate is moved into a "Not Hired" status.

The following reports come standard within JazzHR. Each report was designed to answer a question about your hiring process. Below are the report names, the question each report is designed to answer, and the filtering options for each report.

  • Hiring Pipeline - How many candidates went through each recruiting milestone?
    • by Job
    • by Department
    • by Hiring Manager
  • Time to Fill - How long does it take from the time a position is opened to when an offer is accepted? (Please note that some of these fields will only populate if you are using the Offers/Esignatures feature in JazzHR)
    • by Job
    • by Department
    • by Hiring Manager
  • Time to Hire - How long does it take from the time a candidate applies to when they are marked as hired? (Please note that some of these fields will only populate if you are using the Offers/Esignatures feature in JazzHR)
    • by Job
    • by Department
    • by Hiring Manager
  • Source Quality - What is the quality of candidates from each source based on how far candidates make it through key recruiting milestones?
    • Overall 
    • by Job
    • by Department
    • by Job Board 
    • by Recruiter 
    • by Referrer 
  • Application Conversion by Job - For each job, how effectively do sourcing efforts lead to hired candidates?
  • Interviews - How many interviews were completed?
    • by Job
    • by Department
    • by Candidate Which candidates were interviewed for jobs and what were the overall results?
    • by Interviewer - Which interviewers have completed interview guides and what were the overall results?  (JazzHR's Interview Fatigue Report)
  • Offers - How many offers were created and what is the status for each offer?
    • by Job
    • by Department
    • by Hiring Manager
    • by Candidate - For each candidate, how many offers were created and what are the details of each offer?

Legacy Reports

Legacy reports are located the bottom of the page and provide some different types of reports for you to run. You can use them in much the same way you would the standard reports, just click on the title of the report to run it. Legacy reports are called as such because they get their insight from different data sources. These do not operate solely on Recruiting Milestones, so you can use them to analyze the activity on your jobs and candidates from a different perspective, as well as fulfill your compliance reports. 


  • Hiring Funnels and Pipelines: Provides information on candidate workflow status changes in jobs. Learn more about how to generate a Hiring Funnels and Pipelines report.


  • Questionnaires and Answers: A comprehensive list of all candidates and their questionnaire answers. 
  • Evaluation Ratings: Candidates and their evaluation scores. Individual assessment ratings are available as well.
  • Candidate Records Raw Data Download: Creates a .csv file for all candidates in your account. This report might take time to generate based on your total number of candidates.  NOTE:  This report is limited to 20,000 records.  If you have more than 20,000 records, please reach out to
  • User Activity Report: Gives a breakdown of all activity that has occurred in JazzHR during a specific time frame. This report is best used for finding out how your Users are working with candidates.


  • External Hires by Race and Sex: Shows your candidates and hires by race and gender.
  • External Hires by Veteran Status, Disability, and Sex: Contains all EEOC Data for all candidates.
  • Hires by Veteran/Disability (Section 503 Final Rule): Shows your candidates and hires by veteran and disability status.

Note: Compliance reporting is only available with PRO subscriptions or PLUS accounts with the "advanced reporting" bundle.

Source Hierarchy

For accuracy in Source reports, we have set up a hierarchy of which source appears in reporting if there are multiple fields completed in the candidate profile. The sourcing hierarchy from highest priority to lowest is as follows:

  1. Recruiter
  2. Source
  3. Referrer

for example: If a candidate has both the Source field (i.e. ZipRecruiter) and Referrer field (i.e. John Smith) filled out, the Source report will show the Source field but not the Referrer field.

Custom Reports

Custom reports allow you to be completely flexible in what you're attempting to report on. You can create a custom report, save and export it, and use that report over and over again. This is a great option for a weekly report of hires, a list of candidates and their sources, or a list of candidates and their categories. All of these columns can be found in custom reporting. 

Once you click this, you can scroll through all the available columns you can report on. Clicking these columns will allow you to generate a report. Once the report is generated, you can filter using the column headers. You can also save and export using the heart icon. 

Frequently asked questions

Does JazzHR offer custom workflow stage reporting?
Yes! This is available to JazzHR Pro customers or Plus customers with the advanced reporting bundle. 

How do I save/export these reports?
Just click the heart icon on any report to save and export them to Excel. 

I have moved lots of candidates into an Interview stage, but they aren't showed up as "Interviewed" in reporting, why?
Workflows are not the source of data for our reports, in order to get the interviews number reflected, you'll need to start using the interviews feature

Where can I find a report with a list of all my sources and candidate names?
Use a custom report to find this, just choose "First Name" "Last Name" and "Source" to get a full list of all your candidates and their sources.
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