How to View Subscription Details, Make Subscription Changes, and Access Billing Information

Please note: You will only have access to billing information if you are a Super Administrator or have Recruiting Admin Privileges to "manage account and subscriptions" checked in your profile. If unsure, contact your Account Owner or team members for more information.

Your billing, account, and subscription information can be accessed in your account if you have the authorization as mentioned above. Start by clicking your initials in the top right corner > and either choosing Billing & Invoices or Account Information.


This article will cover:

How to Access Previous Invoices

  1. Click on your initials in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Billing & Invoices.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access invoices.
    1. Click on the invoice to download a PDF copy for your records. Your invoice will include line items for each service charge, the balance due, as well as instructions for payment.


How to Update Your Credit Card Information

  1. Click on your initials in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click Billing & Invoices.
  3. Click Use a Different Card and enter in your new contact/credit card information.
  4. Click Save Credit Card.

How to View/Update Your Subscription Plan 

  1. Click on your initials in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click Account InformationHere, you will be able to view your current subscription details.
  3. If you need to make changes to your plan, click Manage your plan.
  4. Under "Manage your plan" there will be several options to adjust the billing plan or purchase add-on features. 
  5. After making your selection, click Review Billing Information to confirm.

How to Upgrade/Downgrade Your Account

Our team is here to help you with any and all billing inquiries. This includes upgrading and downgrading.  Customer Success Managers are here to handle all of these requests for you. Feel free to reach out to or call us at 888-353-0887, Ext. 3. 


Can I provide access to Billing Information to someone on my team that is a Super User/Recruiting User in our account?

Yes! Go to Settings  > People  > Select that person from the list > Click the Edit button with the pencil icon in the top right corner > Scroll down to the Recruiting Admin Privileges section and check the box that says 'Can manage account and subscription'.

Why do I see a yellow banner across the screen saying 'Update Your Billing Information"?

There are various specific details to go along with the banner, but in general, this banner means payment is currently past due and action is required to either update the payment method on file or make a payment. Payment by credit card can be done in-app, as mentioned above, but if you need assistance or have questions, please email

I received an invoice for a Paid Job Board Posting. How do I know which Job the invoice is for?

Our team will be happy to provide you with the specific details for a Paid Job Board Posting. If you have received an invoice for a Paid Job Board Posting but are unsure of which job it is related to, please email


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