Using your Social Networks with JazzHR

You can use JazzHR to share your jobs through your social media. Your Facebook and Twitter followers will be able to see any jobs you post.

How to Share a Job With Social Media

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. Find the job you wish to share.
  3. Open the job.
  4. Click Refer.
  5. Click on the appropriate social network.
  6. Fill out the log in information.
  7. Click Post on social network.

Alternatively, you can share from the Actions button.

  1. Click Job.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Share Job.
  4. Click Connect for Twitter and/or LinkedIn.
  5. Click Share for Facebook
  • A small box will pop up for either one of the networks you choose.
  • Fill in the login information for the network to grant JazzHR access to your social network accounts.
  • Click Authorize.
  • Your contacts will appear in a box.

Your social media followers will now be able to see your job postings.

  • Click on the contacts names you’d like to select to receive a message regarding the job.
  • Click Share this Job.

How to update your social media logo

1. Click Settings.

2. Click Career Page.

3. Scroll down until you see Social Media Image

4. Upload a social media image here and this will display when you go to share a job! 



When I share my job via the ADVERTISE tab under the social sharing options, the logo does not appear on the actual social media site. Why is that?

Social media sites use their own CDN (content delivery network) for images. That means they download the file, resize it, then host it on their servers. This means the site is both getting the image successfully from JazzHR, as well as successfully displaying it within other parts of their app. However, sometimes resizing the image will help resolve this issue!

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