Setting up Monster Integration

Posting to

The following inventory types are supported:

  • Local Pricing Global, Monster, 30
  • Local Pricing US, Monster, 30
  • Local Pricing Global, Monster, 60
  • Local Pricing US, Monster, 60

Setting Up the Initial Integration

  1. Call Monster at 800-666-7837 (800-MONSTER) and request the following. Both are free:
    • Global - Custom Apply Link - Job specific
    • Real-Time Posting (RTP) username
  2. Purchase either 30- or 60-day inventory through Monster (you can always purchase more later).
    • Inventory with additional features built in to it such as "Auto Refresh" or "Bolding" is not supported.
    • If you would like to use any of these features, you should post manually through and use the Job Link Builder to create a link for applicants to use to apply via Jazz. See more information on the Job Link Builder below.
  3. Log into your Jazz account
  4. Click Settings. Note: Only admins and account owners have access to Settings.
  5. Click Integrations.
  6. Click Connect to Monster.
  7. Enter your username and password.
  8. Click Save Credentials.

Posting to Monster

Once your integration is set up you can post any open positions to Monster via Jazz.

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. Click the name of the job you'd like to post to Monster.
  3. Click Advertise.
  4. Scroll down to the Monster integration section.
  5. Click Purchase.
  6. Select a 30- or 60-day posting.
  7. Select Job Categories, Occupations, and Industries, if desired.
  8. Click Post to Monster.
  9. As long as you have inventory, your job will post automatically

Editing a Monster Posting

If you make any edits to a job, you can refresh your Monster posting.

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. Click the job you edited.
  3. Click Advertise.
  4. Click Update Monster Listing.
  5. Your job will automatically refresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my Monster account, it says that multiple candidates applied, but I don't see them in JazzHR.  Why is that?

The number of "candidates" in your Monster account only indicates the number of people that have clicked on the job posting. All candidates that have actually gone through the application process will be filtered directly into JazzHR. 


I'm receiving an error that states "Unable to find Inventory". What does this mean?


This indicates that you don't have any job inventory (on Monster)- to ensure your job can be linked as soon as possible, be sure to reach out to Monster directly. 

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