Setting up SparkHire Integration

JazzHR allows you to integrate your existing Spark Hire account into your hiring process. With Spark Hire, you can create and conduct video interviews with the candidates in your hiring pipeline. This article will walk you through setting up your integration with Spark Hire and show you how to use Spark Hire within JazzHR.

NOTE:  This integration requires that you have an existing account with Spark Hire. You can sign up for a Spark Hire account here

Integration Setup

  1. Obtain your API key from your Spark Hire account
  2. Login to JazzHR
  3. Click your initials
  4. Click My Profile
  5. Scroll to Personal Integrations 
  6. Click Connect to SparkHire
  7. Enter in Spark Hire API Key
  8. Click Save Credentials

Using Spark Hire

Once the integration is complete, you can add Spark Hire video interviews to a candidate. The option to add a Spark Hire interview is found on the Assessments tab within the candidate profile. Once you complete the Spark Hire Interview, you will be able to review the results directly within JazzHR.

  1. Open the Candidate's Profile
  2. Click Assessments
  3. Click "+ Add Spark Hire One Way"
  4. From the dropdown carrot, select Spark Hire job
  5. Select the Spark Hire Question Set
  6. Click Create Interview/Evaluation
  7. The interview will appear under Assessments tab

When the candidate has completed the interview, the status of the interview will be marked as Completed. You will also have the option to add additional feedback via Spark Hire's website. There is also a link to share the results of the interview to others outside of JazzHR or Spark Hire.


Q:  How do I make a custom video the default welcome video for a Spark Hire one-way interview?

A:  First, setup your custom video using this article.  When you attach a Custom Welcome Video to an interview, it will play before the One-Way Interview starts.  Make sure that the video is attached to the job at the creation stage in Spark Hire.  But make sure the question for the interview are chosen at the invitation workflow stages in JazzHR.


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