Integrate JazzHR with Zenefits

JazzHR is proud to offer customers a comprehensive, two-way integration between JazzHR and Zenefits. Connect your existing accounts for seamless recruiting, onboarding and new-hire management.

This article covers:

Setting up the Integration

Note that you must be an Admin in both Zenefits and JazzHR in order to set up this integration. Begin in JazzHR to link to your Zenefits account. Here's how:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Integrations.
  • Scroll down to the Zenefits section.
  • Click Connect.
    *Note: Ad-Blockers may prevent you from connecting


From the next screen:

  • Enter your "Zenefits Login Email" and password.
  • Click Sign In.

Note that customers who previously connected with the one-way integration will need to reconnect in order to authenticate the two-way sync.


Initial Employee Sync 

Once you sign in to Zenefits, you'll have the opportunity to sync your existing Zenefits employees with JazzHR. 


  • Check the box next to each employee's name to either 1. create them as a new user in JazzHR or 2. link their existing JazzHR account with their Zenefits profile (thus enabling SSO).
  • Click Continue.

The integration will match Zenefits employees with users in JazzHR via their work and personal emails. If no match is found, a brand new user is created in JazzHR. If a match is found, the accounts will be linked to enable SSO.

thisscreenisfine.pngManaging Users from Zenefits

Once you've completed your initial employee sync, you can come back into Zenefits to manage  JazzHR users directly from Zenefits at any time. From the Admin Dashboard in Zenefits:

  • Click Integrations.
  • Scroll and click the JazzHR block.
  • Click Users.
  • Click Connect next to each employee's name to either 1. create them as a new user in JazzHR or 2. link their existing JazzHR account with their Zenefits profile (thus enabling SSO).

Note that employees who you've have already had their accounts synced with show as "Synced."


SSO from Zenefits

Once you've been added as a user to JazzHR from Zenefits (either via the initial sync or later on), you can sign in to JazzHR directly from your Zenefits dashboard:

  • Under the "Apps" section, simply click the JazzHR box to be taken to JazzHR directly.

Screen_Shot_2018-07-19_at_12.39.14_PM.pngExporting Candidates from JazzHR

Export candidates directly from JazzHR into Zenefits to start managing new hires. Here's how:

  • Click Candidates.
  • Click the name of the candidate you'd like to export.
  • Click the drop-down caret next to Workflow status.
  • Click Export Candidate.
  • Select Zenefits.
  • Select a "Start Date" from the next window.
  • Click Export.


This integration allows you to export the following candidate information from JazzHR to Zenefits:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Job Title
  • Resume
  • Offer Data
    • Start Date
    • Offer Date
    • Salary

Back in Zenefits, you can import and view your newly exported employees. From the "Apps" section of your Zenefits dashboard, click the Hiring block.


From the next page, click Hire a New Employee.


From the following page, click the drop-down next to "Import the new hire from ATS," and select the name of the newly exported candidate. Click Next to view exported information and add additional before saving their profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to integrate my accounts when I click "Connect?"

This issue typically occurs from a pop-up blocker or browser extension that prohibits the apps from connecting. Please disable all pop-up blockers and ad/blocking extensions when integrating accounts.

Why am I receiving a "Reconnect with Zenefits" message when trying to export a candidate from JazzzHR?

This message means that you're currently connected via the one-way sync integration. Click Go to Integrations Page and scroll to the "Zenefits" section to authenticate and upgrade to the two-way sync.


Why do I see two JazzHR blocks under my "Apps" section in Zenefits?

This means you previously connected your accounts via the old integration method. To avoid confusion, click on the "Jazz" (not "JazzHR") block, and click Disconnect. This will remove the old integration option from your dashboard, leaving only the correct "JazzHR" block.

I have multiple companies/EINs linked to one Zenefits account.  Is it possible to connect them to a single JazzHR account and choose which company to export to?

No.  The Zenefits and JazzHR integration is one to one.  Meaning you must have a JazzHR account and Zenefits account for every integration you want to connect.

How long does it take for employees to sync from Zenefits to JazzHR?

Employees added via the initial sync or by an Admin later on should take no longer than a minute or two to sync. Candidates exported from JazzHR with a future Start Date will shows as "Syncing" up until 24 hours after that start date. 

What should I do if my employee still shows as "Syncing" in Zenefits even though he/she doesn't have a future Start Date?

Wait 24 hours to ensure the integration has picked up this new employee record. If the employee still shows as "Syncing" and does not have a future Start Date, click the Disconnect icon next to their name. Then, click Connect to re-trigger the record creation.


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