Using the Private Handshake Key

What is a Private handshake Key?

Your Private Handshake Key is used to link your account to other services powered by Jazz.

Depending on the service, sharing your Handshake Key could enable different collaboration and sharing features such as:

  • Importing jobs from your Jazz account into another service.
  • Automatically importing resumes from a service into your Jazz account.
  • Allowing users to switch between different Jazz accounts.
  • Copying data from one account into another.
  • Aggregating jobs from multiple resumes into one job board.
  • Authenticating to gain access to a new service.

What security precautions should I take with my Handshake Key?

Treat your Handshake Key almost like a password. If someone obtains your handshake key, he could manipulate some data in your Jazz account. However, no one can gain access directly to your account with just this key.

You can feel free to share this key with people you trust, such as recruiters, employees involved in recruiting, investors, and generally anyone actively involved in helping you recruit.

What other services are available that use my Handshake Key?

Currently, the only service for which you can use your key is to set up the Jazz Facebook app.

Where can I find my Handshake Key?

  1. Click Admin. Note: Only administrators and account owners can view Admin.
  2. Click Job Board.
  3. Locate the key on the right side.

How do I get a new Handshake Key?

Send Jazz an email and we'll update the Key in your account. Please note, Jazz will only perform this action for the account owner. Once your key is changed, all services that currently use the key will stop working until you update your key.


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