Using GoodHire

Disclaimer: As of January 1st 2016, the GoodHire integration is no longer offered to new JazzHR customers. In order to maintain backwards compatibility, JazzHR customers who were already using GoodHire prior to this date were grandfathered in and can continue to utilize GoodHire functionality.  

Background Checks Supplied by GoodHire

The Background Checks by GoodHire feature gives users of JazzHR the ability to acquire important information about a candidate that has the potential to directly affect the hiring decision. This information can be acquired through an integration with a service provider called GoodHire. GoodHire is a complete FCRA-compliant employment screening service for small- to medium-sized businesses. The Background Checks feature, including the ability to try the service for free, is available only to Plus and Pro subscribers, and is only accessible within the application by Administrators.

Running the Free Background Check

As part of the partnership with GoodHire, JazzHR offers Plus and Pro subscribers one free background check. Subscribers will have a no-risk introduction to the feature before deciding to use GoodHire.

Accessing Goodhire on a Candidate:

The administrator must verify company information so GoodHire can validate the company. The administrator will be notified via email, as well as through a message on the Background Check screen, that company verification is necessary. After the verification is complete, the background check process will be the same as if the administrator had run a paid check. You will be given login information to GoodHire where you can access you background check information.

To access the free GoodHire check on the candidate:

  • Click Assessments on the candidate's dashboard.
  • Click the Click Here link to go to GoodHire.
  • Login to GoodHire

Running a Paid Background Check

Administrators must access the GoodHire website if they wish to see the details associated with the different check levels. There will be a link near the drop-down that directs you to the check level section of the GoodHire site.

If you have any questions regarding any information obtained within a background check that you have run, please feel free to contact GoodHire support at 1-888-906-4284 or email For any other questions, contact the The JazzHR Customer Support Team.

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