How to Customize a Job

After you create your job posting, you may want to make some changes to ensure you are attracting the most qualified candidates and enabling your team to collaborate. You can customize everything from the questions on the application, who is on the hiring team, to the job's workflow.

Candidate profile questions and screening questionnaires allow you to pre-screen candidates at a glance, before scheduling time for a phone screen. Individual workflows for jobs are a great way to manage a certain hiring manager's unique process or add some extra stages for those reqs with more involved interviews. Managing hiring teams lets you better control who can access your jobs, what they can do, and what notifications they receive.

This article will cover:

How to Customize Application Questions

Candidate profile questions and screening questionnaires allow you to pre-screen candidates with just a quick review of their job application. JazzHR offers a list of standard application questions you can easily add to your job posting, in addition to custom screening questions.

Candidate Profile Question

Candidate profile questions are common questions asked on job applications and are useful for quickly screening a candidate -- they show up in the candidate profile under the resume and cover letter, in the Job Application section.

To customize your job application and use our library of candidate profile questions:

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the Candidate Profile Questions, this expands the list of questions
  2. Click the checkmark column on the left to add the question
  3. To make the question required, click the checkmark column on the right
  4. Click the pink Saves Changes box when finished

The questions will then generate under Candidate Profile Questions and in the application preview, which is located on the top right by clicking the Preview switch to On

Screening Questionnaires

Screening questionnaires are customized questions that let you pre-screen your candidates prior to beginning to move the candidate through your hiring workflow. The Screening Questionnaire is located under the Candidate Profile Questions on the Job Application tab.

You can type in our own questions by creating a new questionnaire for a specific job or you can attach a set of questions you've already used on an existing questionnaire.

Create A New Questionnaire

  1. Click the green button that says + Create Questionnaire
  2. Under Name of the questionnaire, you can either keep the format [Job Title] Questionnaire or type in this box to change the name
  3. Under Choose a folder, all questionnaires will be automatically saved to Unfiled Questionnaires or you can use the drop-down to select a new folder or click +Create Folder to create a new one
  4. Click the green box + Add Question
  5. Under the Question box, type in your question.
  6. You can click the checkbox to Require an answer to this question or not
  7. Under the Answer Type drop-down, select an answer type and then click the pink Add Question box when you're finished
  8. Preview the questionnaire on this screen or on the application preview, found on the top right corner of your screen.

Select Existing Questionnaire

  1. Click Select Existing Questionnaire
  2. Click the drop-down that says Select a questionnaire... and choose one of your already created questionnaires and then the pink box that says Select Questionnaire
  3. Preview the questionnaire on this screen or on the application preview, found on the top right corner of your screen.

How to Customize a Job's Workflow

You can see which workflow is set up for this job and either make changes to the template -OR- unlock it from your template here to edit the workflow for this job specifically. Create workflows by going into Settings >> Workflows. We do not recommend unlocking your workflow from your template unless you are absolutely certain you will need to make changes to this workflow to differentiate it from the existing template. For more information on workflows, check out this article.

How to Set up your Hiring Team

The last step is to set up your hiring team. Your hiring team is the group of users are going to be participating in the hiring process for this role. If you haven't added in your hiring team members to JazzHR yet, you'll want to head over to Settings >> People tab to start adding your team! Selecting your users will determine who will receive which notifications and who has access to the job and applicants.

  1. Click the checkbox by "Limit access to the job and its candidates to this hiring team" if you'd like your this job to be visible only to designated users. 
  2. Type in the name of the person you want to add to the team
  3. Start typing groups you want to add to the job to more easily manage who access to the job


Can I add one-off custom questions to the job application?

Yes! Each questionnaire template has the capability to be used across multiple jobs, so first make sure to check if the questionnaire template is used on other jobs. If so, we recommend creating a specific questionnaire for this job, by cloning the questionnaire template and adding in your specific question(s) relevant to the job posting.

I want to send a questionnaire out to a candidate after they apply, versus attaching it to the job, is there a way to do that?

Yes! You can click the green plus sign on the candidate's profile under "Questionnaires" to send out an email with a link to web-form version of the questionnaire.

How can I restrict access for JazzHR users so they only see their assigned jobs?

Make sure each job has "Limit access to this job and its candidates to this hiring team" is checked on each job to ensure this is happening.

What happens when I make changes to this workflow?

If you unlock the workflow from the job, it will only be reflected on this job. If you want to make changes to this workflows on all jobs, head over to Settings >> Workflows.


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