How to Email Questionnaires to Candidates

Sending a Questionnaire to a Candidate after they Apply

You can make a questionnaire part of the application process, or you can go in and send the questionnaire out separately as a web-form for candidates to fill out. This is a great solution for a lengthy upfront application, most candidates won't want to spend hours filling out a long application but will spend time after they submit their initial application. Custom questionnaires allow you to more easily screen and collect information without going through the lengthy process of a phone screen or email back-and-forths. 

Emailing questionnaires to candidates 

  1. Click the green plus sign on the candidate profile under Questionnaires
  2. Choose your questionnaire
  3. Customize your message or choose an email template
  4. Send to the candidate!


Candidates will receive this email, with a link to fill out the questionnaire. The questionnaire is a simple web form and then the results are filtered back into the candidate profile. When completed, the Hiring Lead will receive a notification that the candidate has filled out the questionnaire.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change the template email that goes out to candidates?
Yes, you can create additional templates in Settings --> Templates --> Email.

Who receives the notification that a candidate has completed a questionnaire?
Only the hiring manager receives this notification.

Can I set this up as part of workflow, as a workflow helper?
Yes! Follow the instructions here.

Where can I view the completed Questionnaire?
It is located on the right-hand side of the candidate's profile. Simply click the "Eye" icon to view the completed Questionnaire.

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