How to Use and Create Email Templates

Emails are an essential part of recruiting. You probably send hundreds of emails a day, so you’ll be glad to know that you can save your email templates in JazzHR so your team can effectively follow-up with candidates.

Note: Admins and Super Users are the only role types that have access to create email templates. Other users can send templates, they just cannot create their own.

This article will cover:

Edit JazzHR Standard Email Templates

Every JazzHR account includes six system email templates that are very commonly used and cannot be deleted from your account. These email templates are available to send to candidates directly from their profile, or automatically using a workflow helper.

You are able to edit these system email templates by:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on the Templates tab.
  3. Select Emails.
  4. Click the email template Title.
    • The first six emails on the list are standard email templates that cannot be deleted. There will be a lock to the left of each template title.
  5. Make your desired changes and click Save Message.

Create Custom Email Templates

Add in the templates you're currently using to never miss a beat in your recruiting process.


To create a new email template:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on the Templates tab.
  3. Select Emails.
  4. Click +New Email.
    • Create a name for the email template.
    • Create a Subject for the email.
    • Craft an email template.
  5. Click Save Message.


Token Guide

Use our Token Guide to populate information in your email templates like their name or the job title they've applied to. Seen in the image above, you will be able to navigate to the Token Guide in JazzHR by opening an email template and clicking the Token Guide button. Copy these tokens (including the brackets) into your email template.


How can I create a personal email signature?

You can customize your email signature by clicking your initials > My Profile > in the Profile section, click the pencil icon to edit the text box under Email Signature. Upload an image to your email signature by clicking the image icon in the text toolbar or drop an image directly from your desktop. Select the image to drag and resize. 

Can I automate email templates to send when a candidate is moved to a specific stage?

Yes! Plus and Pro accounts are able to add Email Workflow Helpers. 

Can I schedule emails?

Yes! Click here to learn how to schedule emails.

Can I test how my email will look before I send it?

Yes! To test your email template, click Send a Test... and enter in your email address. Click Send. Please note, test emails will not auto-populate token fields or include attachments.


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