Creating and Managing Tasks

Using tasks effectively can help keep your whole team moving through the recruiting process efficiently and effectively. You can automate tasks as a part of your workflow, or you can assign tasks on the fly when something unexpected pops up. Assign tasks to your team or even yourself to keep organized.

A valuable point to note is that a task notification differs from an email sent through JazzHR because a task will automatically include a Go to Candidate button that links to that specific candidate's profile who is associated with this task, shown below:


This article will cover the various ways to assign tasks:

Automating Tasks in the Workflow

There are two options to create and edit tasks at the Workflow level.

You may either create tasks that will affect all jobs using that particular Workflow template or you may create tasks on a per-job-basis. To edit the Workflow template that would affect all corresponding jobs, first, start in Settings > Workflows. Alternatively, if you are trying to create tasks on a per-job-basis, first, start by clicking the name of the job > Edit job > Workflow tab.

  1. Click Add next to the appropriate stage you wish to add a task to.
  2. Select Task.
  3. Enter the task Name.
  4. Add in any notes to give your hiring managers specific instructions. 
  5. Select the recipient(s) from the drop-down menu.
    - Tip: Choose either of the Select When Triggered options to choose from a drop-down list of who to assign this task to when you are updating the candidate's status.
  6. Click Add Task to save.

Once the task is saved to your workflow, a pop-up reminding you that this task is going to be assigned will be generated whenever you update a candidate's status/stage. It will also give you the option to deselect the task if necessary.

Tasks on the Fly

You can create a task on the fly from the Dashboard, from a Candidate's profile, or from a job.

  • From the Dashboard, click the down-arrow next to Create A Job and select Create Task.
  • From a Candidate's Profile, click the green plus-sign in the All Tasks section on the sidebar.
  • From the Jobs page, click the down-arrow under the Actions column of the corresponding job you wish to connect this task to and select Create Task.

Note: Be sure to select Notify by email to send the assignee a quick email that they have a task due.

Managing All Tasks

Once you have a bunch of tasks assigned and created, you may want to go back and make edits or delete some. This is easily done by clicking the checkmark on the top of the screen. 

  1. You'll see a list of your incomplete tasks, which you can complete by clicking the checkbox.
  2. Click See all Tasks to begin managing your tasks 
From this page, you can see which tasks you have delegated, completed, edit any open tasks, or create a task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my users receive an email notification when I assign them a task via a workflow helper?

Yes! They will receive an email notification. 

How do I view notes on a task when it has been created?

Click into the checkmark at the top of the page to manage your tasks, and then select "View Details" under the task name. 

Can I run a report on tasks?

Unfortunately there is no data point to report on tasks at this time. 


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