Track Feedback with the Discussion Tab

Spark internal conversation and track your team's feedback with JazzHR's Discussion Tab.

Attached to each Candidate Profile, this tab allows you to @mention other users, store feedback and track your candidate's progression through the Workflow.

This article covers:

@Mentioning Your Team

Start sharing candidate feedback by @mentioning other users on your team. From any Candidate Profile:

  1. Click the Discussion tab.
  2. Click into the comment box.
  3. Type the "@" sign, and begin typing a team member's name.
  4. Select the name from the auto-fill drop-down below.
  5. Adjust the visibility from the drop-down below the comment box.
  6. Click Post Comment.


The user you @mention will receive an email notifying them of the comment you left:


Then, he or she can click Add Comment to respond back.

Viewing Discussion Comments 

The Discussion Tab houses all @mentions, Workflow changes and Interview Guide feedback related to each candidate.

When leaving a comment, you can customize who can see the comment by clicking the "Everyone" drop-down under the text box.

You can view activity for one specific job or all (if the candidate is attached to more than one job). Click the All Jobs toggle to switch easily between these views:


@Mentions are listed along with the date they were created. Hover over the date for a timestamp:


 Conversation Threads

Keep the conversation on track by using conversation threads! Reply to specific discussion notes to keep your conversations organized!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see and comment on the Discussion Tab?

External Recruiters and above can view and comment on the Discussion Tab. 

Why am I not seeing my team member's name from the auto-filled drop-down when I try to @mention him/her?

Names will only populate for users who are already added and verified in your JazzHR account.

Additionally, if a job's visibility is set to "Restrict the visibility of this job to people with Admin privileges and the Hiring Team.", then a user will not be able to be @mentioned unless they are an admin or member of the hiring team.

I received an email that I was mentioned in a comment. When I click to view the comment, an error states: Access Denied, You do not have permission to view this page.

If you do not have access to the job the candidate is attached to, you will not be able to view the comment.

How can I fully utilize the Discussion Tab?

Great question! Check out our blog post for multiple ways you can leverage this feature.


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