How to Use @mentions and the Discussion tab

You can use the candidate's discussion tab to send a quick notification to members on your hiring team with @mentions. These send an email notification to their regular inbox, and their inbox in JazzHR letting them know their next steps.

  1. Click the Discussion tab
  2. Click in the comment box to start leaving an @mention
  3. Type @ in the comment field and begin typing a name
  4. JazzHR will attempt to auto-fill the users name based on the people in your hiring team
  5. Click Submit
  6. The person you mentioned will receive and email notifying them of the comment left. 

If you make a typo or want to restrict access to any of your comments, just edit the privacy by clicking the pencil icon.  

Whenever you receive a new @mention, it will be sent to your email inbox and your inbox in JazzHR. You can check new @mentions in the notification bar at the top of you screen, or on the Dashboard page. 




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