Sending Individual and Bulk Emails

Within JazzHR, you have the functionality to send and receive emails within the system. You can check your emails from candidates on your Launch page under My Inbox. This contains all your email and @mention notifications in one helpful spot. Keeping all of your communication in one spot will help you refer to email strings later, keep an eye on communication patterns with your hiring managers, and have a record of all your communication with the candidate easily accessible.

How to Send an Email to an Individual Candidate

Communicating with candidates through the system is very simple. You can set up automated emails as a part of workflow stages, or you can just send one-off emails to candidates by following these steps. 

  1. From the candidate profile, click Emails tab or click the Email icon to compose a new message.
  2. Click your name to change the sender to your company name
  3. Enter in a subject and message or, click Choose Template to select an email template. 
  4. If you would like send any attachments:
    1. Click Choose File.
    2. Select your file and click Open.
    3. You may repeat this action to add multiple attachments.
  5. Compose your message or click Now to schedule out your email from our available options.
  6. You will be taken back to the candidate's page.
  7. Now you can see your email in the Emails tab on the candidate's profile! Scheduled emails will appear with a "scheduled" tag. 


How to Send an Email to Many Candidates

Are you interested in reaching out to existing candidates to let them know about new job opportunities in your company?  Or send out a batch email to your candidates after a job is marked as filled? Here's how you can easily email multiple candidates in just a few clicks!

  1. Click the Candidates tab (or to send from within a specific job, click the job title)
  2. Click Bulk Actions.
  3. Use the Search fields to create a filtered list of candidates.
  4. Select one, multiple, or all of the candidates in your list.
  5. Click Choose Bulk Actions
  6. Toggle Send an Email to Yes
  7. Check the box labeled "I have read and agree to the Bulk Email Terms of Use"
  8. From: you have the option to send the email as yourself or as your company. 
  9. Type a subject and message from scratch or click Choose Template to select an email template.
  10. Click Perform Bulk Actions to fire it off! Check the Emails tab in a candidate profile to see the sent email logged there.


Candidate Dropbox

You can also use a unique email address for each candidate to forward or copy email communications outside of JazzHR. By forwarding or BCCing this email in your communications, they will be logged on the Emails tab on a candidate profile. This is found under the Email tab on the candidate profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a candidate responds to my batch email?

You will receive an email to the address you use to log into JazzHR. You can reply directly from here, and this communication will continue to be tracked in the candidate's Email tab. 

Who can send bulk emails to candidates?

Super Admins and Recruiting Admins can send bulk emails to candidates across multiple jobs.  Super Users are limited to sending bulk emails to candidates within a single job.  Recruiting Users do not have access to the bulk emails function.

I received a notification to increase my monthly email limit, what should I do?

Contact to increase your monthly limit.

How can I update my email signature?

Click your initials in the upper right-hand corner, then click My Profile. Click Edit Personal Settings to update your email signature.

Can I set up automated emails?

Yes, this will be done at the workflow stage.

If I mark a job as filled, will my candidates be automatically notified?

They will not, you'll want to use a batch email to complete this notification. 


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