Using Email Digests

Email Digests

Email Digests provide helpful information to people, directly within their inbox, as well as giving them direct inroads into JazzHR to take actions. They also provide a comprehensive daily synopsis of new candidates and upcoming interviews.

Digests are sent out overnight and summarize the previous day's new candidate(s) and interviews scheduled for the current day. This is a USER SPECIFIC feature and can only be enabled by the individual user in JazzHR. You cannot manage this or enable this on behalf of another user.

This is set up in your personal profile. To enable Daily Digests:

1. Click your initials in the top right corner of JazzHR and choose My Profile

2. Scroll down to the middle section that says Preferences and click the pencil icon

3. Opt-in by checking the box next to Daily New Candidates Digest and/or Daily New Interviews Digest



Types of Digests

Daily New Candidates Digest

Turn this digest on to receive a daily email with new candidate information for all jobs on which you are the hiring manager or a member of the hiring team. It will provide links to both the candidate profiles and to launch a quick screen right from the email.

Tip: You may want to revisit your notification settings to prevent redundant emails.

This email will contain the number of new candidates that have applied to jobs for which you are on the Hiring Team. The email will contain a button to launch the Candidate Quickscreen. Also included is the name of each candidate, the job the applied to, and a link to their direct profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my daily digest?
Digests are sent after midnight EST.

Why am I receiving a "0 New Candidates" email?
You will receive this email when you are the Hiring Team for an open job that has not received candidates for the day. To stop receiving these emails, you will need to opt out of the Daily Digest email.





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