Using Candidate Search

With the JazzHR search tool, you will be able to locate the candidates in your account based on nearly any criteria you specify.

Basic Search

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Click the search candidates magnifying glass icon.
  • With this Basic Search, you are able to find candidates using the following criteria:
    • Candidate name
    • Keywords in Resume
    • Job
    • Workflow Status (You must choose Job before selecting a specific status for which to search.)
    • Category
    • Star Rating

Advanced Search

  1. From the basic search screen, click Advanced Search (directly next to the words "Search Candidates").
  2. Select a filter from Profile Filters.
  3. Choose one of the following from the drop-down menu to the right:
    • is exactly
    • contains
    • does not contain
    • is greater than
    • is greater than or equal to
    • is less than
    • is less than or equal to
    • is empty
    • is not empty
  4. Type in your criteria in the text-box.
  5. Add multiple filters to find your candidate by clicking +Add Profile Filter

Searching for Candidates From a Particular Source

  1. Click on the drop-down menu under Profile Filters.
  2. Select SOURCE at the bottom of the dropdown list
  3. Type in which source you'd like to see candidates from. You can also select another filter by using the dropdown.
  4. Click "Search candidates". 

Searching by the Date a Candidate Applied

  1. From the Profile Filters section, select Date Applied.
  2. Enter the date into the text field. Note: Make sure the date is in YYYY-MM-DD format.

Custom Workflow Statuses and Search

When you use either the Basic or Advanced Search, you have the option to search for workflow statuses. If you do not select a job first, you will have the option of searching for the following statuses:

  • New
  • All Active Statuses
  • Hired Statuses (all or individual system generated ones)
  • Not Hired Statuses (all or individual system generated ones)
  • Discarded Statuses

However, if you select a specific job from the appropriate drop down menu, you can select any individual status as a search criteria (Active, Hired, Not Hired and Discarded).

Boolean Search

There are times when you want to do more than find a simple word in a search. A Boolean Search allows you to use keywords such as AND and OR and NOT to help expand and refine your search within JazzHR. You can search resumes for multiple words or phrases.

For example, if you are looking at accounting resumes, you can search for CPA and MBA, and it will only return resumes that contain both. If you want one or the other, you could specify CPA or MBA. This would return any candidates that have either CPA or MBA in their resume.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Click Search Candidates.
  3. Enter in your keywords in the "Keywords by Resume" field using:
    • "and" for inclusive,
    • "or" for exclusive searches, or
    • "not" to exclude words.
  4. Click Search Candidates

Wild Card Search

There also may be times when you don't remember someone's name entirely and you only know the name started with "Jan". You can type this into the search field and each person who has the letters "Jan" in their name will populate! 

Things to Remember When Searching

  • The minimum length for a search term is 2 characters.
  • For keyword search in resumes you can use Boolean logic.  e.g. "engineer and (software or test)"
  • When searching for Selecting "is exactly" in the second drop down menu in the profile filter will return any applicants that came in on a specific date.
  • Selecting "is greater than" will return applicants that have applied since a certain date.
  • Selecting "Is less than" will return applicants that have applied prior to a certain date.
  • The following Boolean search terms may be used: AND, NOT, OR.
  • Wildcards (or the * symbol) may be used when you are searching. Type the asterisk before or after your search criteria to give you more results.
  • If searching by date, be sure to format the date YYYY-MM-DD.
  • “Greater than” is after a specific date and “less than” is prior to the date.
  • You may also search for jobs by clicking Search Jobs on the Jobs page
  • The magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the screen is exactly what you think it is. Use it to quickly locate candidates or jobs in your account.
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