Creating eTemplates

A successful hiring process involves more than just sourcing and screening. Once you've found the right candidate for the job, presenting a smooth onboarding experience is key to keeping your new employee engaged. This is especially true with collecting signatures on documents, a process which can often be cumbersome.

JazzHR allows you to turn documents you consistently send to candidates for signing (e.g. i9s, nondisclosure agreements, onboarding packets) into eTemplates. An eTemplate is a collection of one or more documents you group together for electronic signing by the candidate.

Note that this is only available to Pro customers or Plus customers with Offers and eTemplates.

To create an eTemplate:

  1. Upload the File
  2. Assign Fields and Save

Upload the File

The first part of automating and digitizing this process is to create eTemplates for your frequently used documents.

Assign Fields and Save

eTemplates are a package of one or more documents intended to be used repeatedly for an e-Signature process. Once documents are uploaded, you can add them to an eTemplate for use with candidates and new hires across your JazzHR account. Here's how to get started:

1. Documents and eTemplates are accessible by roles with Administrator privileges through Settings > Templates > Documents. JazzHR recommends you begin by uploading documents into a logical folder structure for yourself and your team.

2.  To create an eTemplate, click +New Document > Create eTemplate

3.  Choose a destination folder from the dropdown menu and name the eTemplate.

4.  Click +Add Documents to select the documents to be signed or shared. You can add up to 10 documents to a single eTemplate. *Note that you may only bundle documents here, not later on when sending at the Candidate level.

5.  Next, add Signer Roles to the eTemplate. Signer Roles are logical labels for who should sign the documents and in what order. You can add up to 10 signer roles on an eTemplate. If these will be changing each time, you should use something a bit more general, such as "Hiring Manager" or "Regional Director".

6.  Type the name of a Signer Role in the field and click Add.

7.  Once complete, click Assign Fields to add e-Signature fields to the documents.

8.  Add fields to the documents by dragging and dropping them onto the document. Each signer role you added must be assigned to at least one field. Once a field has been added to the document, select which Signer Role is responsible for completing it and if it is required or not.

10.  When finished adding fields to the eTemplate, click Continue.

11.  The eTemplate is now created!  You can either Test This Template or Return to Documents

Now that you've setup your eTemplates, you can use them to send an eDocument to a candidate, new employee, or internal signer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I upload my Microsoft Word document into JazzHR, the formatting looks off. Why is this?

HelloSign can only process browser supported fonts. Most notably, Calibri font is NOT a supported font type. If you are experiencing this issue please change the font on the document in Microsoft Word and then upload the document into JazzHR again. If you are still noticing that the formatting is off after changing the font type, please contact

Do I have to assign these fields and save every time I send an eDocument?

No you do not, once you create an eTemplate you can send it along easily with the fields already assigned! Note: eTemplates functionality is a bit different than sending an Offer letter. You will have to drag and drop the signer fields on an offer, but if you build out an eTemplate, these are already built.

What kinds of documents can I create using eTemplates?

You can use eTemplate for any documents you require candidates to complete as a part of your onboarding or application process: W4s, I9s, applications, or NDAs. 

How secure is HelloSign?

For more information on HelloSign's security, you can check out this link.

Do signature links expire?

No, there is no timed expiration, but the original link will expire once a reminder email is sent out. Then, only the newest link sent through that reminder will work. If the signer attempts to access an old link, they will run into an expired link page again.

Once I send an eDocument, how often are reminders sent to those awaiting signatures?

HelloSign will send a reminder email to eDocument recipients on the 3rd and 7th day.

Why do I receive a "Sorry, this link is no longer valid" message when I try to sign my document?

This means the signature link you were trying to open expired, which happens when you start a signature request on one device, browser or IP address, but try to complete it on another device, browser or IP address. Trying to re-access the link again from another device invalidates the link. To resolve, click on the "request a new link" button and make sure you both view and sign the signature request on the same device, IP address or browser. Invalid_Link___HelloSign.png

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