Integrate with Sterling Talent Solutions

Sterling Talent Solutions Overview

Sterling Talent Solutions is a leading HCM cloud provider offering criminal records, driving records, credit checks, references, health checks, and other screenings.  The JazzHR integration offers the ability to connect your Sterling account and request background checks on candidates directly from within JazzHR.

Integration Steps

  1. Ensure you have a Sterling account
  2. Obtain Sterling API Key and information
  3. Connect the Sterling account in JazzHR
  4. Order background checks

Obtain the Sterling API Key

Sterling requires that you email their team to obtain the required information for integrating your JazzHR account. 

Please contact your Sterling point of contact and request the following

  • Account Name
  • Client ID
  • Authentication Key
  • Account Password (Account Password is usually the same as Authentication Key)

When requesting this information also include a list of user emails who
will be requesting background checks from JazzHR.

Sterling will email you your company's connection information. Save this
information for use in the next step.

Connect your Sterling Talent Solutions account in JazzHR

  1. Click SETTINGS
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Find Sterling Talent Solutions
  4. Click Connect to Sterling Button
  5. Enter the provided information from Sterling
  6. Click Save Credentials

Order a background check

  1. Open the Candidate Profile
  2. Click the Assessments Tab
  3. Under Sterling, Click Send to Sterling
  4. Once the candidate has been sent to Sterling, click Add a Screening
  5. A new window will open Sterling. Click Add Screening from the new window
  6. Once your order has been completed, the candidate will authorize the screening and the report will process
  7. The status of Sterling will show as Pending until the order is completed

View the results once completed

JazzHR allows you to see the progress of the background check within the Candidate's profile. This information appears in the Assessments tab under Sterling. The statuses shown relate to their status in the Sterling system.

  1. Open the Candidate Profile
  2. Click the Assessments Tab
  3. Find Sterling
  4. If the screening has been processed, the order will display as Completed and a final status will be shown (Clear, Alert, etc)
  5. Click the eye icon to view the details of the background check within Sterling
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