Using Interview Guides

Interview Guides are tools used by Interviewers to efficiently complete candidate Interviews within JazzHR.

Interview Guides are shared with Interviewers using JazzHR's calendar integration or your company's preferred email/scheduling application. They are shared via a secure URL and contain the candidate profile, resume, job details, interview template questions, and a scratchpad for note-taking during the interview.

Using Interview Guides

When you or your team members are ready to complete Interviews, either click the Interview Guide URL you received in your meeting invitation or click START INTERVIEW to launch the Interview Guide.

Interviewers will be prompted to log in to the secured Interview Guide by entering their name and email address and clicking START INTERVIEW.

Once logged in, the Interview Guide will be displayed.

  • On the left hand side, the candidate's profile is displayed along with buttons to view the candidate's resume as well as the job details.
  • In the center of the screen, the Interview template is displayed.
  • On the right hand side, there is a confidential scratch pad which the Interviewer can use to capture any notes regarding the interview or candidate. Note: Anything written in the scratch pad is only viewable by the person completing the interview.
  • As you conduct the interview, record the candidate's answers to the interview questions in the provided field. You can also rate the candidate's answer on a scale of Poor, Acceptable, or Strong.
  • Once you're done with a question, click Save.
  • The question will be crossed out denoting the question has been completed and saved.
  • Once you have completed all of the questions and are ready to complete the interview, click COMPLETE INTERVIEW.
  • You can add new questions at any time by selecting the question type, naming the question, and clicking Add Question
  • The final step to complete an interview requires you to pass or fail the candidate and provide a reason why.
  • When you are filling out an interview guide and you click Complete Interview, the window that shows up will ask you to choose Pass or Fail, enter a reason why, then provide the date and time the interview took place.
  • Fill out the form and click SUBMIT INTERVIEW.
  • You will receive an email confirmation once your Interview has been submitted.

Benefits of Using Interview Guides

The Interview Guides help organize, record, track, and complete interviews being conducted with applicants, right inside of JazzHR. Here's how you can take your interviews from painful to powerful.

Centralized Information

The Interviews guide creates a one-stop shop for all the information that is needed for conducting an interview. This includes links to the candidate’s contact information and resume, and a link to the Job Details. The Interview Guide also has your customized interview questions and areas to provide answers and feedback.

Streamlined Questions

When creating an interview, you choose the questions that will be asked. This creates an easy-to-follow script for the interviewer and makes sure you get the right questions answered. There's plenty of room for detailed answers, and each answer must be completed to finish. This ensures that no matter who is conducting the interview, the questions are thorough and consistent.


When interviews are integrated into the job workflow, they can be tracked right inside the Candidate Profile. Here, a straight-forward Pass/Fail designations from the interviewer will give you a fast and easy way to see how a Candidate performed. You'll also find links to all of the dirty details: every answer to every question, for every interview completed.

Anyone, Anywhere

Want to bring the C-suite into the conversation? Invite them to conduct an interview, no log-in needed. Interviews can be conducted by anyone, anywhere, all without needing to have an account with JazzHR. Interview Guide links provide a simple way to get everyone involved, while still keeping important details inside of JazzHR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to print out completed interview guides?

Currently, there is not a way to print out a completed interview guide.  You can, however, copy and paste the answers out of JazzHR and into a Word or Google Doc and print from there.

Can I delete interview guides?

An interview guide can be deleted so long as it has not been used and completed for a candidate. Interview guides that have been completed by a candidate are tied to the candidate profile and cannot be deleted. If you want to discontinue the use of an interview guide, the best bet is to rename it something that discourages use. ex: "Do not use."

Can I delete certain questions in an interview guide?

Similar to the question above, questions that have been used and completed for a candidate cannot be deleted. They are tied to the candidate's profile. You can rename and move questions within the interview guide regardless of whether they have been used for a candidate.

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