Interview Guides Overview

Centralize how you assign, track and store interview feedback with JazzHR's Interview Guides.

Interview Guides are forms that interviewers fill out when completing a candidate interview, which is only visible to JazzHR users. They provide a centralized, easy-access place with the candidate's resume, job details, your own interview questions, rating system, along with a scratchpad for note-taking.

Interview Guides can be part of an Interview Session or added individually on the Interviews tab of the Candidate Profile.

To start leveraging the benefits of this feature:

Creating Interview Guides

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Click Interview Guides on the left.
  4. Click +Create Interview.
  5. Name the interview, and fill out the following:
    1. "Type of Interview": Choose "In-Person" or "Phone" interview for tracking, visibility, and reporting.
    2. "Duration": Select from a range to track the estimated time of the interview and populate the email that goes out to the candidate when scheduling.
    3. "Preparation Notes": Guide the interviewer on how to conduct this interview. You may, for example, list "Do's" and "Don'ts" or instructions on how to complete the guide.
  6. Click Add Questions.
  7. Click +Add Question from the next screen to begin creating the questions you'd like the interviewer to ask.
  8. Enter questions in the "Question Text" field.
    1. Consider whether you want a structured guide with a list of specific questions, or you simply an open-ended "feedback form." You may, for example, create a question of "Pros &Cons" or "Feedback" simply with a "Paragraph Text" answer type.
  9. Select one of the following from the "Answer Type" drop-down for each question:
    1. "Single Line Text": One sentence freeform - good for one-line responses.
    2. "Paragraph Text": Longer freeform answers - great for 'open feedback' type guides.
    3. "Dropdown": One answer from a predetermined list.
    4. "Number": Numerical answer.
    5. "Date": Date from a calendar.
    6. "Checkboxes": One or more answers from a predetermined list.
  10. Once you've created all of the questions you'd like your interviewer to ask the candidate, click Save Interview.


 Completing Interview Guides

Once you've added an Interview Guide individually or as part of an automated Interview Session, head to the Candidate Profile to conduct the interview and complete the guide. Here's how:

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Click the name of the candidate you're interviewing.
  3. Click the Interviews tab from the Candidate Profile.
  4. Click Start Now if your Interview Guide is part of an Interview Session. Then, click Launch next to your individual guide. If this is an individual Interview Guide (not part of a session), simply click Launch next to the guide itself.
  5. *Note that you can also get here by clicking the Interview Guide URL you received in your meeting invitation.
  6. Enter your name and email address.
  7. Click Start Interview.


Each Interview Guide includes a:

  • Button to view the candidate's resume.
  • Button to view job details.
  • Confidential scratchpad for notes that are only visible to the interviewers.

Type answers in the "Notes.." field below each question to record candidate's answers. You can also rate each answer by selecting "Poor," "Acceptable," or "Strong" from the drop-down.

Note that you can add new questions as you go by selecting the question type, naming the question, and clicking Add Question.

Once you're done with a question, click Save. Then, click Complete Interview once you're satisfied with your questions and answers. 


From the next window: 

  • Click "Passed the Interview" or "Failed the Interview" based on how the candidate did.
  • @mentions teammates in the field below to share additional feedback. Note that this feedback shows in the Discussion tab.
  • Verify the date and time of the interview.
  • Click Submit Interview.


Note that both you and that job's Hiring Manager will receive an email confirmation once your Interview Guide has been submitted. 


Once an Interview Guide is completed, Super Users and above can view feedback by clicking the eye icon. Note: Recruiting Users that have been designated a Hiring Manager for this specific job will also be able to view interview feedback. 


Add an individual Interview Guide

Looking to hold a one-off interview instead of a full Interview Session? Add an individual Interview Guide to any Candidate Profile on any Workflow stage without adding it to the template.

From the Interview tab of any Candidate Profile:

  • Click the drop-down next to Add Interview Session.
  • Select Add Individual Interview.
  • Select the template you'd like to use.
  • Click +Add Interview.


Archiving Old Interview Guides

There may be times when you want to archive interview guides you no longer use. Here's how:



3. From the MY INTERVIEWS section, click the briefcase icon to archive the interview guide

4. You can then view all archived interview guides by clicking the dropdown list and going to ARCHIVED INTERVIEWS




Benefits of Using Interview Guides

Here's how Interview Guides can take your interviews from painful to powerful:

  • Centralized Information - Interviews Guides create a one-stop-shop for all the information needed for conducting an interview. This includes links to the candidate’s contact information and resume and a link to the job details. The Interview Guide also has your customized interview questions and areas to provide answers and feedback.
  • Streamlined Questions - When creating an Interview Guide, you choose the questions that will be asked. This creates an easy-to-follow script for the interviewer and makes sure you get the right questions answered. There's plenty of room for detailed answers to ensure that no matter who is conducting the interview, the feedback is thorough and consistent.

  • Tracking - When Interview Guides are integrated into the job workflow, they can be tracked right inside the Candidate Profile. Here, a straight-forward Pass/Fail designation from the interviewer will give you a fast and easy way to see how a candidate performed. You'll also find links to all of the dirty details: every answer to every question, for every interview completed.
  • Anyone, Anywhere - Want to bring the C-suite into the conversation? Invite them to conduct an interview, no log-in needed. Interviews can be conducted by anyone, anywhere, all without needing to have an account with JazzHR. Interview Guide links provide a simple way to get everyone involved, while still keeping important details inside of JazzHR 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to print out completed Interview Guides?

Yes, users with access to view interview feedback provided by others can print the completed interview guide. Once an interview guide is completed and saved on the candidate profile, navigate to the interview session, click to View feedback and Print. 

Can I archive or delete Interview Guide Templates?

Yes, you can do both! An Interview Guide template can be deleted so long as it has not been used and completed for a candidate. Interview Guide templates that have been completed by a candidate are tied to the candidate profile and can be archived to dismiss from your view. 

Can I delete certain questions in an Interview Guide?

Similar to the question above, questions that have been used and completed for a candidate cannot be deleted, but the full Interview Guide can be archived.

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