Setting up Aurico Integration

Aurico Overview

Aurico is a leading provider in the field of background screening providing services nationally and internationally to clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 enterprises to business start-ups.  The JazzHR integration offers the ability to connect your Aurico account and request background checks on candidates directly from within JazzHR.

Integration Steps

  1. Ensure you have a Aurico account
  2. Obtain Customer ID from Aurico
  3. Connect the Aurico account in JazzHR
  4. Order background checks

Obtain the Customer ID from Aurico

Aurico requires that you email their support team to obtain a Customer ID to integrate your JazzHR account. 
Aurico will email you the information. Save this information for use in the next steps.

Connect the Aurico account in JazzHR

  1. Click Admin
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Find Aurico
  4. Click Connect to Aurico Button
  5. Enter the provided Customer ID from Aurico and your email address (this must match your Aurico Email)
  6. Click Save Credentials

Order a background check

  1. Open the Candidate Profile
  2. Click Assessments Tab
  3. Under Aurico, Click Send to Aurico
  4. Click Submit an Order from the new box
  5. This will take you to Aurico. Select the appropriate background package you wish to conduct
  6. Click Send Invitation to prompt the candidate to approve of the background check

View the results once completed

JazzHR allows you to see the progress of the background check within the Candidate's profile. This information appears in the Assessments tab under Aurico. The statuses shown relate to their status in the Aurico system. Please Note: The status will only begin to show AFTER the candidate has completed the sent consent form.

  1. Open the Candidate Profile
  2. Click Assessments Tab
  3. Find Aurico
  4. A preview of the their current stage is displayed
  5. Click the eye icon to view more details
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