Training Resources

New to JazzHR or looking for a refresher? We're happy to help! Here is a compiled list of all of the resources that are available to your team on-demand.

This article will highlight the following Training Resources:

Training Portal

This video series starts with the basics and builds up to more advanced features. Each video is no longer than 6 minutes. You can focus on the specific features you would like to learn with supplemental articles available for further details.


  • Brand new users of JazzHR
  • Refresher/introduction of advanced features
  • Team training tool (sharable in a presentation or large group introduction of JazzHR)

View Here: Training Portal

To view this series from the Support Center at any time, click the ? mark in the top right corner of your JazzHR account, then select New to JazzHR (with the map icon).


Getting Started Guide

This guide provides a list of the areas in your JazzHR account to focus on first. Each step includes how-to articles with videos and images.


  • Brand new JazzHR users
  • Printable instructions
  • Easy to translate into another language

View Here: Getting Started Guide

Hiring Manager Training

This video is created from the perspective of your Hiring Managers so they can learn how to use JazzHR quickly. The main topics are how to find jobs, view candidates' resumes, leave interview feedback, and communicate with other team members.

It's recommended that your Hiring Managers watch this video before being granted access to your organization's account.


  • Onboarding for new Hiring Managers
  • Team training for anyone involved in the interview process

View Here: Hiring Manager Training

This resource is also accessible from the Training Portal; it's the last video in the series.

Dedicated Account Manager

This add-on service pairs your team with a Customer Success Manager to enhance your JazzHR experience by providing additional training, quarterly reviews, and involvement in product releases.


  • New users looking for additional training in a 1:1 setting
  • Organizations experiencing rapid growth or with fluctuating hiring patterns
  • Teams preferring to have one dedicated person at JazzHR to call that knows their name, company background, and hiring process

View Here: Dedicated Account Manager 


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