How to Sync Your Google Calendar

JazzHR integrates fully with your Google Calendar. This allows you to export events that you create in JazzHR to your external Google Calendar. In order to sync your Google calendar with your JazzHR calendar, first you must enter your Google credentials.

Setting up the Sync

  1. Click the icon with your initials in it.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Scroll to Personal Integrations.
  4. Click Connect to Google Calendar.
  5. In the box that appears, click Fetch My Google Calendars.
  6. This will take you to a page asking to authorize JazzHR to access your Calendars.
  7. Once you grant this access, you will be taken back to JazzHR.
  8. You will now be able to select your Primary Calendar.
  9. Click Save Credentials.
  10. You are now integrated with your Google Calendar.

Once enabled, this feature will allow you to sync events from JazzHR to your Google Calendar automatically. It will also sync availability from your Google Calendar into JazzHR.

Details from events created in Google Calendar will not show in JazzHR. It will only show as a block of time for which you are not available.





Here are the steps to re-sync your Google Calendar credentials

  1. Click your Initials
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Scroll to Personal Integrations
  4. Disconnect your Google Calendar
  5. Disconnect via Google: (also known as Revoke Access)
  6. Reconnect your credentials back in JazzHR.

Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to use the new syncing functionality? I don't use Google Calendar.

All current calendar functionality remains, so you can continue to use events in JazzHR as normal.

How do I sync with Google Calendar?

Any user can activate the sync function via the My Profile page (formerly Account Information). To do this, you must have a Google account or a Google Apps For Business account. Users can set that up by:

  1. Clicking My Profile.
  2. Clicking Edit Google Calendar Credentials, or
  3. Clicking Connect Your Outlook Calendar.

What calendar should I sync with?

When syncing, users will see a list of all Calendars to which they have access. One calendar will be denoted as “Primary Calendar”. This is the default calendar with the synced account. We recommend syncing with this calendar.

Syncing without logging in

If users want to sync their calendar without logging in:

  1. Click on People
  2. Click on the user’s name
  3. Copy and paste the Calendar Sync link
  4. Send the link to the user (note each user’s link is unique)
  5. The user can now use that link to sync their calendar right from Gmail

Inside the Week View

How do I get back to the month view?

Clicking on Calendar now defaults to a week view of events. The month view is still available via a button in the upper right of the week view.

What do the colors mean?

Grey events are in the past. Yellow events have yet to occur. When viewing the availability of other synced users, each user displays in a solid color to let you see where they are already blocked off and, therefore, not available.

What do the icons next to guests mean on the week calendar view?

The list of guests displays every user and contact in your JazzHR account. Guests that have synced with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange have a calendar logo icon next to their name. This means that you can see the user’s availability and send an event directly to their calendar.

What does it mean to 'Add Guests'?

When you click on the checkbox next to the name of a guest, JazzHR will read their calendar events and show those time blocks in a solid color on the week-view calendar. This means the user is not available during that time, as they have other events scheduled. Any times not blocked off mean that the user is available according to their calendar. This will only work if the guest has synced his or her Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange. Any users who have not synced with Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange can still be added to the guest list. When you click on the week-view calendar to schedule an event, any checked guests will automatically be added to the guest list. They can be toggled off before the event is created.

What happens to my old JazzHR events before I synced with Google Calendar?

These events remain untouched. If you edit an old event after you synced, the event will then sync to your calendar.

I created an event in Google Calendar. Does it show up in JazzHR?

No. You must create the event in JazzHR. It will automatically sync to your Google Calendar. From that point forward, you can edit the event in JazzHR or in Google Calendar and the details, guests, date and time will sync both ways.

Creating and Editing Events

How do I export to Outlook or iCal format?

Once an event is created, it can be exported to Outlook or iCal format via a link on the bottom of the event edit window.

What is “Regarding this applicant” for?

You can associate an event with an applicant by using this feature. The event will show up on the applicant’s profile in JazzHR. Note that this tool is for internal scheduling, so no notifications will go to the applicant.

How do I invite applicants to an event?

To add an applicant to an event, the applicant needs to be added as a Contact in JazzHR. Once the applicant is a contact, he or she can be added to calendar events. The "Regarding this applicant" feature does not send an email to the applicant.

What notifications are sent to guests?

By default, guests receive an email about the event. Guests are provided with a link to confirm if they are attending the event. A checkbox when creating/editing the event lets you opt out of sending these notices.

How do event privacy settings work?

You can make an event be visible to everyone in your JazzHR account, only you, or several other options based on user roles.

What happens if a guest is not synced with Google Calendar and I invite him/her to an event?

The guest will receive an email with the event details as long as you did not opt out of sending event details. The guest can then confirm his/her attendance in JazzHR.

What happens if a guest wants to edit an event that he/she was invited to?

Only the user who created an event can edit events.

What if I invite a guest to an event but set the privacy to “Only Me”? When do guests have to re-confirm their availability?

If any event data is changed, guests must re-confirm their availability.

Google Calendar

What happens if I edit the the title or description of an event in Google Calendar, remove guests, or move it to a different day or time?

These details will sync back to JazzHR, assuming that you have synced with Google Calendar and are the event creator.

What happens if a guest edits an event in Google Calendar that he/she was invited to?

Only event creators can edit the main record of an event. Google will notify the guest attempting to edit the event that editing the event will create a copy of the event just for them.

What happens if a guest confirms their availability from Google Calendar or Gmail?

These details will sync back to JazzHR.

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