Syncing Your G Suite Calendar

Syncing your calendar with JazzHR enables you to schedule Interview Sessions and share events/availability with your external calendar.

To sync JazzHR with your G Suite calendar (either from My Profile or a Candidate Profile):

  • Confirm your calendar/email address recommendation from the modal on either My Profile or a Candidate Profile.
  • Click Connect with Google.


  • Next, select or add an account.


  • Click Allow to grant permission to access your Google account.

  • Select the preferred calendar from the drop-down.
  • Once your calendar has been selected, use the toggle to Allow other people in my organization to edit interviews on my behalf.
  • Click Save.


You'll now be able to:

  • View availability for anyone in your internal network/organization from JazzHR 
  • Send custom invitations (including rooms/resources) to interviewers/candidates
  • View all JazzHR events and accompanying details on your external calendar


I'm receiving a connectivity error when trying to select a date and time for my interview. How can I fix this?

This may be due to two issues:

  • API access: Have your Google account's Super Admin enable access to your API via these steps.
  • User permissions issue: Visit this page to resync your accounts. Then, click JazzHR Calendar and Remove Access. Finally, head back into JazzHR and resync your calendar.
 I'd rather not sync my calendar. Can I still conduct interviews through JazzHR?

Without syncing, you'll be restricted to completing individual Interview Guides at the Candidate-Profile level.

Does everyone in my organization need to sync their Google calendar?

No, not unless they're also doing the actual scheduling of the interview(s). Once you sync, you'll automatically be able to see availability and schedule with non-synced team members in your network.

My Company doesn't use G Suite, can I sync with my standard Gmail account?

The integration was built to support G Suite, but it currently works with standard Gmail accounts. However, due to differences in Google's APIs and unannounced changes to the Gmail feature set and capabilities, support for a regular Gmail account is not supported.

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