Syncing Your Exchange Calendar with JazzHR

Connect your Exchange calendar to JazzHR to streamline how you schedule Interview Sessions.

Note that before connecting with Exchange, confirm that you don't have the ability to instead sync with Office 365 (which may be your email client even with an Exchange server).

Once confirmed:

Sync Your Exchange Calendar

To sync JazzHR with your Exchange calendar (either from My Profile or a Candidate Profile):

  • Enter your email address and password (only add your username if different than your email address).
  • Click Connect.


  • Select the preferred calendar from the drop-down.
  • Once your calendar has been selected, use the toggle to Allow other people in my organization to edit interviews on my behalf.
  • Click Save.



If you're unable to connect via the above process (which may happen due to a number of IT factors), try manually entering your Exchange server settings.

Note that you may need to contact your IT team for assistance on what to enter or select for any of the following:

  1. Uncheck the box next to "Automatically detect my server settings."
  2. Enter your Exchange Host name. Note that this is a server address, not a web address.
  3. Select your Exchange Version from the drop-down.
  4. Click Connect.


Advanced Troubleshooting

Disclaimer:  Due to the numerous configurations and organization of Exchange Server and Outlook 365, JazzHR will attempt to support the Exchange calendar integration at best effort. There are unfortunately too many variables— including Active Directory group policies, network configurations, firewall settings, etc.—that are outside of JazzHR's control and may affect your ability to successfully utilize the integration.

The minimum supported version is Exchange 2013 server with Exchange Web Services configured. If you are unsure, please contact your systems administrator for clarification.

In the event that you encounter a Microsoft Exchange connector issue, your IT team may possibly have Exchange Web Services (EWS) disabled. This Exchange access may be locked down to only be allowed within your corporate network or VPN, which prevents the use of EWS by external applications like JazzHR.

To test if EWS is accessible and configured, use the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

  1. Run the Outlook Connectivity test under the Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests subheading. Enter all credentials, the captcha, and click "perform test".
  2. Wait until the test runs to determine if there is an Outlook connection.
  3. Next, run the Synchronization, Notification, Availability, and Automatic Replies test under Microsoft Exchange Web Services Connectivity Tests.
  4. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions (DO NOT SELECT "Ignore Trust for SSL".)

If the test passes, the integration should be able to sync your next Events, Interviews, and any other event-based object to your Outlook Calendar.

If the test fails, please contact your IT team and ask them to perform the Microsoft Remote Connectivity tests with a focus on Autodiscovery. If Autodiscover is not available, specify server settings when adding your Exchange integration credentials within JazzHR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a valid SSL certificate on my Exchange server?

Yes.  The integration requires a valid certificate that matches the domain name.

I'm having trouble getting Microsoft Exchange to work with JazzHR. How can you help me?

There are a number of ways to configure Exchange. JazzHR has worked to make the integration as easy as possible for the most common configurations. If you are unable to use JazzHR with your Exchange server, contact Be prepared to provide an Exchange test account for our team to use to investigate.

I'd rather not/am unable to sync my calendar. Can I still conduct interviews through JazzHR?

Without syncing, you'll be restricted to completing individual Interview Guides at the Candidate-Profile level.

What versions of Microsoft Exchange do you support?

JazzHR sync functions make use of Exchange Web Services (EWS) to communicate with the remote Exchange server. This functionality is available in Exchange implementations running version 2013-2016. Note: we currently do not support Multi-Factor Authorization

Do hosted providers of Microsoft Exchange work with JazzHR?

Yes, although JazzHR does not guarantee support on every hosted platform due to the large number of configurations and options that exist. Most commonly used providers of hosted Exchange, including Rackspace, work with JazzHR.

 Why do my rooms show up in Outlook, but not in JazzHR?

The Exchange integration requires that rooms be added to a room list in order to display them within JazzHR. Please see this article for more information.

Note: some providers do not support Room Lists, which is required for the room availability feature.

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