How to Sync Your Outlook Calendar

We all work with calendars in some aspect during our day. They are used at home, at work, on our phones, tablets and even hanging on walls for the public to see. JazzHR offers you the ability to connect your Outlook Calendar to your JazzHR account. First though, you will need to set up the integration.


Setting up the Sync

  1. Click the icon at the top right corner of the app that shows your initials.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Scroll to the Section labeled Integrations.
  4. Click Connect on Outlook Calendar Sync.
  5. You will find yourself in the Enter Outlook Credentials screen. 
  6. Enter your Outlook email, the user name/domain name (if different from the email, such as bobjon/jazzhr), and the Outlook password. (In some cases it is best to input your email in the USER field section also and not leave it blank)
  8. Click Save Credentials

There may be times where there is a need to manually enter your Exchange Server Settings. This can be due to a number of IT factors. If the need should ever arise to do this, here is what you will need. Remember, this is a last resort solution if you are unable to connect via the above process.

  1. Uncheck the box next to Automatically detect my server settings.
  2. Type Exchange Host Note: this is not a web address, but will be a server address. For assistance on what to enter here, please see your in-house IT support.
  3. Select Authentication Type.
  4. Select Exchange version.
  5. Click Save Credentials.

Once your integration set-up is complete, you will be able to see:

  • JazzHR-created events to which you've been invited on your Outlook Calendar.
  • Your availability (as reflected in Outlook) on your JazzHR calendar. Your Outlook-created event details won't be displayed to users of JazzHR.


Alternative to 2-Way Integration

If you do not want to set up the 2-way integration you may just export events to your Outlook by downloading a .ICS file.

  1. Click on the event you wish to export in your JazzHR calendar.
  2. Click the link that says Send to Outlook or Download .ICS file.
  3. From the resulting dialogue box, choose .ICS File from the Export to Choose an export option menu.
  4. Click Export Event.
  5. Your file will download.




Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Microsoft Exchange Two-Way Sync and how it works with JazzHR. You will find frequently asked questions about server setup, syncing, week view, creating/editing events, and Outlook.


Exchange Server Setup

What versions of Microsoft Exchange do you support?

JazzHR sync functions make use of Exchange Web Services (EWS) to communicate with the remote Exchange server. This functionality is available in Exchange implementations running version 2010-2016. Note: we currently do not support Multi-Factor Authorization

I'm having trouble getting Microsoft Exchange to work with JazzHR. How can you help me?

There are a number of ways to configure Exchange. JazzHR has worked to make the integration as easy as possible for most common configurations. If you are unable to use JazzHR with your Exchange server, contact and be prepared to provide an Exchange test account for our team to use to investigate.

Do hosted providers of Microsoft Exchange work with JazzHR?  

Yes, although JazzHR does not guarantee support on every hosted platform due to the large number of configurations and options that exist. Most commonly used providers of hosted Exchange, including Rackspace, work with JazzHR.  

Do I need to set up a public folder for a shared calendar?  

No, each user who is synced will have their events added to their individual calendars. There is no need to make a shared calendar.



Do I have to use the syncing functionality with JazzHR's events/calendar? I don't use Microsoft Exchange.

All current calendar functionality remains, so you can continue to use events in JazzHR as normal. Alternatively, if you use Google Calendar, JazzHR supports a two-way integration with that service as well.

How do I sync with my Microsoft Exchange server?

Any user can activate the sync function via the My Profile section of JazzHR.

What calendar should I sync with?

When syncing, users will see a list of all Calendars to which they have access. One calendar will be denoted as “Primary Calendar”. This is the default calendar with the synced account. We recommend syncing with this calendar.


Week View

How do I get back to the month view?

Clicking on Calendar now defaults to a week view of events. The month view is still available via a button in the upper right of the week view.

What do the colors mean?

Grey events are in the past. Yellow events have yet to occur. When viewing the availability of other synced users, each user displays in a solid color to let you see where they are already blocked off and, therefore, not available.

What do the icons next to guests mean on the week calendar view?

The list of guests displays every user and contact in your JazzHR account. Guests that have synced with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange have a calendar logo icon next to their name. This means that you can see the user’s availability and send an event directly to their calendar.

What does it mean to “Add Guests”?

When you click on the checkbox next to the name of a guest, JazzHR will read their calendar events and show those time blocks in a solid color on the week-view calendar. This means the user is not available during that time, as they have other events scheduled. Any times not blocked off mean that the user is available according to their calendar. This will only work if the guest has synced his or her Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange.

Any users who have not synced with Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange can still be added to the guest list. When you click on the week-view calendar to schedule an event, any checked guests will automatically be added to the guest list. They can be toggled off before the event is created.

What happens to my old JazzHR events before I synced with Microsoft Exchange?

These events remain untouched. If you edit an old event after you synced, the event will then sync to your calendar.


Create/Edit Event

How do I export to Outlook or iCal format?

Once an event is created, it can be exported to Outlook or iCal format via a link on the bottom of the event edit window.

What is “Regarding this applicant” for?

You can associate an event with an applicant by using this feature. The event will show up on the applicant’s profile in JazzHR. Note that this tool is for internal scheduling, so no notifications will go to the applicant.

How do I invite applicants to an event?

To add an applicant to an event, the applicant needs to be added as a Contact in JazzHR. Once the applicant is a contact, he or she can be added to calendar events. The "Regarding this applicant" feature does not send an email to the applicant.

What notifications are sent to guests?

By default, guests receive an email about the event. Guests are provided with a link to confirm if they are attending the event. A checkbox when creating/editing the event lets you opt out of sending these notices.

How do event privacy settings work?

You can make an event be visible to everyone in your JazzHR account, only you, or several other options based on user roles.

What happens if a guest is not synced with Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange and I invite him/her to an event?

The guest will receive an email with the event details as long as you did not opt out of sending event details. The guest can then confirm his/her attendance in JazzHR.

What happens if a guest wants to edit an event that he/she was invited to?

Only the user who created an event can edit events.

What if I invite a guest to an event but set the privacy to “Only Me”?

Guests trump any privacy settings, so they will be able to see the event. “Only Me” refers to any JazzHR user who is not a guest on the event.

When do guests have to re-confirm their availability?

If any event data is changed, guests must re-confirm their availability.


Microsoft Outlook

What happens if I edit the title or description of an event in Microsoft Outlook, remove guests, or move it to a different day or time?

These details will sync back to JazzHR, as long as you have synced with Microsoft Exchange and are the event creator.

What happens if a guest edits an event in Microsoft Outlook that he/she was invited to?

Only event creators can edit the main record of an event. Outlook will notify the guest attempting to edit the event that editing the event will create a copy of the event just for them.

What happens if a guest confirms their availability from Microsoft Outlook?

These details will sync back to JazzHR.

How do I confirm availability for a JazzHR event in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook only allows the invited guest to confirm or deny his or her availability for an event. Therefore, once an event is synced out to Outlook, each guest has to login and respond the the event for their availability to sync back. If the original event in Outlook is changed by the event creator, all availability will be cleared, and each guest has to confirm or deny once again. Finally, keep in mind that Tentative availability in Outlook syncs back as Denied in JazzHR.




Disclaimer:  Due to the numerous configurations an organization of Exchange Server and Outlook 365, JazzHR will attempt to support the Outlook/Exchange calendar integration will be the best effort. There are unfortunately too many variables outside of the control of JazzHR which may affect your ability to successfully utilize the integration - including Active Directory group policies, network configurations, and firewall settings.

The minimum supported version is Exchange 2010 server with Exchange Web Services configured. Office 365 Business Edition is also supported. If you are unsure, please contact your systems administrator for clarification.

In the event that you encounter a Microsoft Exchange connector issue, your IT team possibly has Exchange Web Services (EWS) disabled. Some IT teams lock down all Exchange access to only be allowed within your corporate network or VPN, which prevents the use of EWS by external applications.

To test if EWS is accessible and configured, you can use the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

  1. Select the tab for Exchange Server and/or Office 365 tabs (depending on your server configuration)
  2. Run the Outlook Connectivity test under the Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests subheading. Enter all credentials, the captcha, and click "perform test".
  3. Wait until the test runs to determine if there is an Outlook connection.
  4. Secondly, you will run the second test by selecting the option under Microsoft Exchange Web Services Connectivity Tests titled "Synchronization, Notification, Availability, and Automatic Replies" from the home menu once more.
  5. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions (DO NOT SELECT "Ignore Trust for SSL".)

If the test passes, The JazzHR Exchange Connector should be able to sync your next Events, Interviews, and any other event-based object to your Outlook Calendar.

If the test fails, please contact your IT team and ask them to perform the Microsoft Remote Connectivity tests, with a focus on Autodiscovery. If Autodiscover is not available, you will need to specify server settings when adding your Exchange integration credentials within JazzHR.

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