How to Create an Event using Calendar

Creating an Event

  1. Click Calendar at the top of the page.
    • You can also create a new event from any applicant's dashboard by clicking +New in their events section.
  2. Click the date you'd like to schedule.
    • The default view will be Weekly.
    • You can toggle through weeks by clicking the appropriate link on either side of the current week's dates, or switch to Month view by clicking Switch to Month View in the top right of the calendar tab
  3. Fill in the event information, including which candidate you're interviewing for which job
  4. Add your additional interviewers
  5. Attach any files or enter in notes for the interviewers
  6. Send out email confirmations
  7. After you create the event, you can click on it to download an .ics file to use on any calendar application. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do candidates receive calendar invites?

They do not, they receive an email notification but they do not receive a specific calendar invite. 

How do I know if someone has RSVPed to my event?

Their names will come up in either red or green based on their response. Grey indicates they have not yet responded. 

Why don't I see this event under My Upcoming Interviews?

This event isn't considered an "interview". You'll want to use the interview guides functionality to get these to appear in those locations. 

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