Roles and Privileges Overview

We offer a variety of role types for internal JazzHR users at your company so that everyone involved in the hiring process can contribute where they are supposed to. In addition to the standard permissions for each role, there are also privileges that you can adjust to allow or remove extra permissions.

In this article we will cover:

Check out our helpful Roles and Privileges Matrix! 


Super Admin

A Super Admin has full access to everything in JazzHR. Super Admins can override or change the privileges of other users and create additional Super Administrators. Super Admins can also change and view billing or account information. 

Who is this on my team?  The account owner should always be a Super Admin.  Additionally, we recommend having 2-3 additional Super Admins on your account; Super Admins are most often HR team members or leaders from your company who need to have visibility into all parts of JazzHR.

Recruiting Admin

A tier below the Super Admin, the Recruiting Admin has access to all templates, modifies candidates, performs bulk actions, while restricting access to hidden candidates, billing information, and overall account privileges. 

Who is this on my team?  Recruiting admins are also most often members of the HR, recruiting, or talent teams. Your Recruiting Admins are likely to be a head recruiter, HR manager, or talent acquisition manager who will be responsible for day-to-day administration.

Super User

The Super User is a user who has limited visibility into jobs and candidates; in most cases, they will only be able to see jobs and candidates for which they are on the hiring team.  Additionally, they have the ability to view and update your templates in JazzHR, including questionnaires, emails, or interview guides.  Super Users are keeping your content fresh without the concern of seeing sensitive account information or jobs or candidates for which they are not responsible.

Who is this on my team? Your Super User is an empowered hiring manager or recruiting coordinator who needs access to manage questionnaire, email, interview or other templates but doesn’t need full administrative access. 

Recruiting User

A Recruiting User is a user with limited visibility into jobs and candidates; in most cases, they will only be able to see jobs and candidates for which they are on the hiring team.This person is screening candidates, leaving notes, and completing interview guides. They’re not able to access any administrative settings or change candidate profiles. Both Super User and Recruiting User profiles can be controlled by a set of privileges, some of which are outlined below.

Who is this on my team? Your Recruiting User is a hiring manager or hiring team member whose primary responsibility in JazzHR is to screen candidates and leave feedback.  New users of JazzHR often begin as Recruiting Users; you can always change their permissions as their familiarity with the tool increases.


Once your Interviewer is a member of a hiring team, they can be assigned interview guides to complete. When they log in, they will see their upcoming interviews on the dashboard and can fill out their guide easily. Encourage networking and build excitement with built-in social sharing tools from the Interviewer dashboard.

Who is this on my team?  Your Interviewer could be a peer of the potential candidate or someone that you do not want to see feedback left by other hiring team members in the event that the candidate joins the team.  Another potential Interviewer is an executive or another leader on your team who doesn't want to have to navigate through JazzHR or see all candidate information to simply leave feedback.


A beautifully crafted careers page is a recruiting essential. Give your development team access to nothing but the information they need to integrate your website and customize your JazzHR hosted careers page. Developers only have access to career page setup and integrations so you’re fully connected without worrying about your candidates’ privacy.

Who is this on my team?  The Developer role is intended for a member of your IT team, Development team, Web team, or Marketing team.

External Recruiter

If you work with agencies or contracted recruiters, give them their own login to JazzHR so they can upload candidates and you can control the process from there. When adding the External Recruiter, make sure to check the box to Track as Internal Recruiter. Your agency recruiter can only see the candidates that they upload and the jobs that they are assigned to.  This keeps your account information private and makes sure all your candidates are funneled into JazzHR for reporting, tracking, and follow up. External recruiters cannot:

  • View Settings
  • See any other candidates other than the ones they have sourced for you (you can edit this under Settings --> Privileges)
  • View hidden candidate profiles
  • Export/delete candidates
  • Create or edit jobs
  • View "Confidential" postings
  • View Reports

Recruiters can use a link that will automatically attach their name to a candidate. If a Recruiter uploads a candidate without using their link, you can go into the candidate’s Profile and edit to add the Recruiter’s name. Simply click "Edit Profile", then scroll down until you see "Recruiter" to select the recruiter.

Scroll up to save the profile and now you've added a recruiter to this candidate! They will now have access to the candidate and you can track any changes in reporting.

Individual Recruiting Admin Privileges

Additional privileges can be added to individual user accounts. For details on these privileges and how to manage them click here

How to Add a Team Member

  1. Click Settings >> People
  2. Click Add Person
  3. Type in their First and Last name, email address and title
  4. They will receive an email with their login information and temporary password

How to Set Up a Group

  1. Click People.
  2. Click + next to Groups.
  3. Name the Group.
  4. Click Create Group.
  5. On the next screen, select the Users for the Group.
    • If you want to add an existing Group to the new group you are creating for this job, choose it from the left column.
    • Notice that the roles in that group are now highlighted in the right column. They can't be deselected individually because they are part of an existing Group.
    • You can select and deselect existing Groups and Users until you come up with the right combination of people that need to be in your new Group.
  6. Click Save Changes To Team.

Adding Restrictions to Hiring Teams

You can restrict a job so only the newly-created team has access to it. We recommend as a rule to always set your jobs up with this restriction in place.

This is a one-time setting that will stay until changed unless a Super Admin chooses to turn this setting off. This will only affect jobs that are created after this privilege is enabled. Existing jobs will need to be edited on a per-job basis.

  1. Click Settings > Privileges. Note: Only Super Admins can access Privileges.
  2. Check the box next to Restrict job visibility to Hiring Team by default.
  3. This is a blanket change that will affect all User accounts created in the app.
  4. Click Save Changes


Can I do a blind interview/evaluation in JazzHR?

Yes! In some cases, you may want to have a blind evaluation. Recruiting Users cannot see interview/evaluation details left by others.  Not allowing the Super User to see other interviews/evaluations to prevent tainted results can help eliminate interview bias among your team.

You can determine whether or not users can see evaluations they did not create. Only Super Admins have access to change this setting.

  1. Click Settings > Privileges
  2. Check or uncheck the box next to Super Users cannot view interview feedback and evaluations completed by others.
  3. Click Save Changes

If users are allowed to view all evaluations, they will by default just see the total score. If they would like to see the result for each question, they can click Toggle details in the top right corner of the evaluation.

What can candidates see regarding JazzHR?

  • Your hosted jobs page: Open to anyone viewing your website.
  • Application confirmation page: The general email that is sent to the Candidate after s/he has applied to one of your positions.
  • Communication reply page: Another general email that is sent to the candidate when a message is sent to them.
  • Questionnaire pages (if separate from the application): Generally sent to a candidate if it needs to be separated from the main posting.

How can I hide a Candidate’s Profile from other users?

The Hide feature allows Super Administrators to hide certain candidates from all Recruiting Admin and all User account types. This ensures that certain users do not have access to particular candidate profiles, their own profiles, or any occasion where you may want to hide a profile so only Super Admins can access it.

  1. Click Candidates.
  2. Find and click on the applicant you wish to hide.
  3. Click on the Actions drop-down next to where you change the candidate's stage in the workflow.
  4. In the drop-down menu, click Hide Candidate.

The candidate is now hidden from all non-Super Admin on the account. Use Privilege Overrides to allow Recruiting Administrators to view Hidden Candidates.  

How do I limit the visibility or create a private document or file on a candidate's profile?

You may want to limit the visibility of certain documents and/or files to certain people. While uploading a document and/or file, you have the following options for visibility:

  • Everyone
  • Admins only
  • Private (Only Me)
  • Specific Users - (This will populate a list of everyone on your Account to specify who can see this).

All roles will always be able to see the files they upload. Files uploaded by a candidate via the File Upload questionnaire question type will, by default, be visible to everyone.

Who can see salary information on a candidate's profile?

Only Administrators, Users with Sensitive Data Privileges and Hiring Managers have access to salary information on a candidate's profile.

How do I add someone to JazzHR?

  1. Click Settings >> People.
  2. Click Add Person.
  3. Fill in the details and they will receive an automated email with their login instructions!

Is there a limit to the number of people I can add to JazzHR?

No, you can add unlimited people to your account. 

Can I add someone to JazzHR myself?
As long as you are an Administrator, you can add another person to JazzHR. Users cannot add people.

Where is the Recruiter link?

  1. Click Settings >> People.
  2. Click the pencil near the Recruiter's name.
  3. The recruiter link will be on the right panel.

How do I change someone's password?

  1. Click Settings >> People.
  2. Click the pencil near their name.
  3. Click "Change Password" in their profile.

Or send them to to reset it themselves.

What happens if I deactivate a user?

Any offers that were generated by a user will not be counted in reporting in their name. The offers they generated will default and be grouped to the Account Owner. 

What happens if I delete a user?

In the event you need to delete a user, please note that the interview feedback submitted by that user will be lost. Additionally, if a user is deleted who was a Hiring Manager for a job, the Account Owner will take over as the Hiring Manager.

Note: When a profile is reactivated, the role type will always default to a Recruiting User.


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