Customizing your Responsive Layout

We provide you with an out-of-the-box solution to having a centralized location for candidates to see all of your open jobs, which is your JazzHR-hosted career page.

Your career page can be customized on either the Responsive Layout or the Custom Layout. The Responsive Layout is easy for anyone to edit with a few clicks and is mobile friendly. The Custom Layout is available to those that want the flexibility to modify their career page with their own coding to make it completely unique or to match their existing branding. Learn more about the Custom Layout.

Have more questions? Review our FAQs, or let us transform your Career Page for you.

This article will cover:

How to Find your Career Page

You can navigate to your JazzHr-hosted career page by clicking the View Career Page button that is locating on the Jobs page or, under Settings > Career Page.


Edit This Layout

You can make changes to your JazzHR-hosted Career page such as changing the font color, adding your logo, and welcoming candidates to this page with a powerful message about your company.

Please Note: only Admins and Developers will have access to manage this page under Settings


  1. Navigate to Settings and select Career Page
  2. On the Responsive Layout block, click Edit This Layout
  3. From the next page, use the editor to adjust:
    • Background color
    • Link color
    • Career Page title
    • Page titles
    • Career Page logo
    • Career Page messaging
  4. For additional customization, enter your own CSS in the "Responsive Layout Custom CSS" field
  5. Click Save Layout



Add Custom CSS

Looking to remove the "Powered by JazzHR" logo or "Share Job Link" button? Check out some of our quick CSS fixes for your page here!

Add Tracking Pixels

First, retrieve each tracking pixel from the 3rd party site. For recruitment campaign tracking, for example, you may need to retrieve this from one of the following:

If you're using this for application conversion, you may need to retrieve this from one of the following:

For all other 3rd party systems, contact your representative there directly. 

Note that regardless of the system, you'll only need the URL portion of the JavaScript tag, as seen below.


Once you have the URL(s), head into JazzHR to place these pixels on your Responsive Layout. Here's how:

  1. Click Settings. (Note that only Admins and developers will have access here)
  2.  Click Career Page.
  3. On the Responsive Layout block, click Edit This Layout.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the next page.
  5. In the "Tracking Pixel" section, enter each URL. Separate multiple with semicolons (;).
  6. Click Save Layout


Frequently Asked Questions

My logo on the responsive layout is too small.  Can I adjust the size and placement?

Yes.  Paste the CSS code below into the Responsive Layout CSS area and adjust the values accordingly.

.page-header .brand-logo img {
max-height: 160px;  
vertical-align: middle;  
margin-top: -45px;
margin-left: 20px;


Can we use JavaScript on the JazzHR Hosted Pages?

No.  At this time, we do not support the use of JavaScript on any of the hosted page layouts.

Can we use meta tags on the JazzHR Hosted Pages?

No.  At this time, we do not support the use of meta tags on any of the hosted page layouts.

Can we upload custom fonts for use on the JazzHR Hosted Pages?

No.  We do not support uploading custom fonts; however, you can specify ones hosted on third party websites and reference those fonts using CSS.

Do you support the use of Bootstrap for the Custom Layout Hosted Page?

No.  Because we do not allow JavaScript on the hosted pages, Bootstrap is not supported.  To make the Custom Layout responsive, you will need to use CSS only.

Do tracking pixels work on any other JazzHR-hosted Career Pages/integration options besides the Responsive Layout?

The Custom Layout also supports the use of tracking pixels. No other method beyond these two are compatible at this time, though. 

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