How to Use Jazz Crowd

Optimizing your Hiring Process Using Crowd

Learning how to optimize your hiring process is the key to recruiting, and Jazz is on a mission to help you unlock performance at your company. Jazz Crowd is our newly launched big-data analytics initiative that draws on years of learnings, billions of data points, and partner data. Crowd provides actionable insights and tools to give you a competitive edge in the battle for top talent.

  1. Click the Crowd icon in the top right of your screen (next to your initials).
  2. Select a job from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select a location from the second drop-down menu, if desired. Benchmarking data will appear below the menus.
  4. Select different jobs and locations to see updated benchmarking data. 

How Crowd Works

The initial release of Crowd is a benchmarking data tool that allows you to choose a job type and geographic location to view comparative data for profiling the ideal hire, sourcing qualified candidates, and recruiting efficiently. Crowd data is generated by analyzing the activities of thousands of companies recruiting for tens of thousands of jobs. The returned insights are Jazz’s autogenerated benchmark data. 

Crowd will only show you the geographic locations where we believe we have enough data for the insights to be statistically relevant, and we will never show data in a geographic location if the data set is so small an individual company might be identifiable. Crowd will never reveal an individual company’s data—only new statistical data that we’ve autogenerated over a large data set.

Profiling the Ideal Hire

It’s important to profile the ideal hire so you can recognize a Performer when you see one. Crowd shows you the top ranked skills of candidates who have applied for a certain job. You’ll also learn what educational institutions provide the most qualified candidates for that job. Armed with this information, you can create a job description that’s more specific for attracting an exemplary candidate, search your candidate database for critical skills, and determine what colleges and universities should be the focus of your campus recruiting efforts for that type of job.

Sourcing Qualified Candidates

You’re most likely recruiting from multiple sources. But are you getting the most value for your money? Crowd helps you build a strategy that balances volume of applicants and quality of candidates, depending on the specific needs of a particular job. You’ll find out the top sources that provided the greatest volume of applicants. You can also compare this information with the sources that provided the number of applicants that were most likely to be screened positively. In addition, you can learn what sources provided the most candidates who were hired.

Recruiting Efficiently

Finally, Crowd helps you improve your recruitment planning by revealing how long the recruiting process takes for various jobs, and provides statistics for the average time to filla position, which is the average number of days from when a job is opened to when you mark the candidate as being hired; the average time to hire, which is the average number of days from when a candidate applied to reaching key recruiting milestones; and median applicants before hire, which is the median number of candidates it takes to fill a selected job category compared to applicants in all job categories. 

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