Candidate Profile Overview

Reading and Understanding the Candidate Profile 

The candidate profile is how you manage all the actions surrounding a candidate. We're going to discuss each portion of the candidate profile in depth so you have a full understanding of the capabilities and functionalities available to you. 


The Profile tab contains documents and answers to application questions. Depending on what you marked as required on the application, this may include resume, cover letter and responses to common questions. You can also a upload a new resume here. 


The Interviews tab allows you to complete, schedule and view interview guides. 


The Discussion tab contains information related to the team's conversation about the candidate. You'll be able to @mention, see status changes, view interview feedback, and see your team's votes here. 


The Assessments tab houses all background checks, our evaluations tools and your match cards. 


In the Emails tab, you can find all messages sent to the candidate through JazzHR, or forwarded to the Candidate Dropbox.


Here, you can find files the candidate has uploaded via a questionnaire, or documents sent to the candidate. You can also send offer letters and eDocuments to candidates if your JazzHR Account has these capabilities.



Our sidebar allows you to easily access information about the candidate from anywhere on their profile. You can change what you see and how it is ordered by clicking the Show button on the top of the sidebar.


This allows you to manage any tasks associated with this candidate. You can see all tasks, or filter to just your own tasks for the candidate. You can also create tasks for people by clicking the green plus sign. 


This area shows all your upcoming events with this candidate, scheduled through an interview guide or just schedule on your calendar. Schedule an event for this candidate by clicking the green plus sign. 


Custom questionnaires that the candidate has completed are listed here. You can also send questionnaires to the candidate after they apply by clicking the green plus. 


Categories are used to "tag" candidates for future reference or to group them with other candidates and make them easily searchable. Here, you can see what categories the candidate belongs to as well as add new ones by clicking the green plus. 


All files associated with a particular candidate live here. You can upload or download any files with this candidates here or in the Documents tab.

Other Jobs

Any jobs that a candidate has applied to are visible here. You will need to have access to that job to be able to view their profile for the other job. This lets you shortcut in-between different jobs that your candidates have applied to. 



Actions and Contact Information

Contact Information

The grouping here lists (in order) the candidate's location, phone number, email address, and source they came from. Click the Edit button at any time to update this information. 

Star Rating

You can set an overall rating for your candidates that allows you to see at a glance how they stack up. Just click the number of stars to rate the candidate. 

Request Comment

Send out a form for your non-JazzHR users to review the candidate's resume and submit their comments, which filter back into the Discussion tab. 

Send Email

Use this to send a quick email to your candidate, then find that email logged in the Emails tab.

Create Task

Need to assign a task? Use this to quickly create and assign a task. 

Actions Dropdown

This menu lets you:

  • Hide a candidate within the JazzHR account (for privacy purposes)
  • Watch a candidate to keep tabs on them
  • Add or remove them from jobs

Reject, Vote, Advance

These buttons move the candidate through your workflow stages. If you're voting on the candidate, you and your team's votes will show up in the Discussion tab. 


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