Candidate Profile Overview

Each candidate in your pipeline is unique—and keeping track of his/her specific needs is key to successful recruiting.

That's why JazzHR created the Candidate Profile, which provides a central location for all candidate-related data and actions.

This article will cover:

Candidate Profile Header

The Candidate Profile Header houses all core candidate information, along with basic go-to functionalities. Use this area to reference key candidate facts or perform quick actions.


The header consists of the following items:

Contact Information

Candidate contact information is listed below the candidate's name in the following order: location, phone number, email address, and source. Click Edit to update this information at any time.

Star Rating

Set an overall rating for each candidate to see how they stack up at a glance. Simply click the number of stars to set this rating. Then, you can even search by star rating.

Request Comment

Send out a form for non-JazzHR users to review the candidate's resume and submit a comment. This feedback is then tracked on the Discussion tab.


Send Email

Click the envelope icon to send a quick email to the candidate. Then, find that email logged on the Emails tab.

Create Task

Need to assign a task? Click the checkmark icon to quickly create and assign a task associated with the specific candidate.

Actions Drop-Down

This menu lets you:

  • Hide a candidate (for privacy purposes)
  • Watch a candidate that you think is a great match for the job
  • Add or remove the candidate from job(s)


+ Add to Job

If you think your candidate would be a better fit for a different role, you can add them to another job in JazzHR and choose the workflow status they should be associated with. 


Reject, Vote, Advance

Use these three buttons to label and give your opinion on if the candidate should be advanced or rejected from the NEW stage.

Votes will be tracked on the Discussion tab and treated as a maybe when you're not quite ready to reject or advance.



The Candidate Profile Tabs separate actions and accompanying data by category. Each section provides a location from which you can perform various functionalities and store candidate-specific items.



The Profile tab contains the candidate's resume, Job Application and Full Profile. You can adjust this data by uploading a new resume, clicking Edit Profile and adding/updating information, or by clicking Export Candidate and sending him/her to another system.



The Interviews tab allows you to complete, schedule and view Interview Guides


The Discussion tab tracks your team's conversation about the candidate. You'll be able to @mention other users, see status changes, and store your team's votes.


The Assessments tab houses all evaluations and background checks.


The Emails tab allows you to send and store all individual or bulk candidate communications. Forward or bcc the candidate dropbox address, which is housed on this tab, to store direct or indirect candidate-related content.

As long as the initial email sent to a candidate was sent from within JazzHR, all replies to that thread, whether in JazzHR or from your email domain, the email will be tracked in the Emails tab on a candidate profile.



Here, you can find files the candidate has uploaded via a Custom Questionnaire or documents sent to the candidate. You can also send and store offer letters and edocuments from here.


The Candidate Profile sidebar allows you to quickly access key information about the candidate from anywhere on the profile. Click Show in the upper right-hand corner to adjust what you see and how it's ordered.


Incomplete Tasks

This section allows you to view and manage all outstanding or future tasks associated with the candidate. See all tasks for the candidate or filter to see just your own. Click the green plus sign to create tasks for yourself or other users.

Upcoming Events

This area shows all your upcoming events with this candidate, including those scheduled through an Interview Guide or simply on your calendar. Click the green plus sign to schedule an event for this candidate.


This section houses all of the candidate's completed Custom Questionnaires. Click the eye icon to view the answers, or click the green plus sign to send a questionnaire to the candidate after he/she applies.


This area shows to which Categories the candidate belongs. Click the green plus sign to add a category.


All files associated with a particular candidate live here. You can upload or download any files with this candidate here or in the Documents tab. Click the green plus sign to add a new document.

Other Jobs

Any jobs that a candidate has applied to are visible here. You will need to have access to that job to be able to view their profile for the other job. Click on the job name to quickly switch between different jobs to which your candidate has applied.


For candidates with visual impairment, does JazzHR provide ADA compliance for their application?

At this time, JazzHR applications are not ADA compliant when it comes to those with visual impairment. If you have questions about compliance, please email

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