Update Your JazzHR Hosted Career Page URL

The subdomain is what controls the URL name for your JazzHR hosted career page. In the example below "JazzHR" is the subdomain. 

  • Ex: www.jazzhr.applytojob.com

Please reach out to support@jazzhr.com if you would like to change the subdomain of your account. 

Please note: changing your subdomain causes a few things to happen:

  • Current job postings on job boards may be broken for up to 24 hours. The links need to be updated but the change will happen automatically.
  • All current links to your jobs will no longer work. If you have advertised your job on job boards by sponsoring them through the ADVERTISE tab, the links will no longer work. You will need to update the links so that they can be updated with the new job URLs.
  • Any embedded widgets on your website will no longer work. You will need to go to Settings>Career Page to retrieve your new widget code and re-embed your jobs on your website.

Carefully consider changing your hosted page subdomain, as all of these things hinder applicants from applying to your jobs!


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