How to Update your Hosted Page URL

Changing ''

If you accidentally misspelled your Jazz hosted page subdomain, or simply want to make a change, we can assist you if you submit a support ticket (below). Tell us the correction or change, and we'll make it for you. 

Please note: changing your subdomain causes a few things to happen:

  • Current job postings on job boards will not work for a few days. The links need to be updated but it will happen automatically.
  • All current links to your jobs will no longer work. If you have advertised your job on job boards (manually) and inside social networks will stop working. You will need to update the links so that can be updated with the new job URLs.
  • Any embedded widgets on your website will no longer work. You will need to go to your Dashboard screen, retrieve your new widget code, and re-embed your jobs on your website.

Carefully consider changing your hosted page subdomain. It could take up to 48 hours for all your incorrect inbound links to disappear or update.

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