Configure Your JazzHR Hosted Page Settings

You have a number of display options and quick tweaks you can make to your JazzHR hosted page. You'll find all these options under Settings > Career Page


Job Sort Order

If you'd rather sort your jobs on your hosted page and widget by a different set of critera, just choose which option you'd like here to change them up!


You have the ability to translate some options on your job board to Spanish or Dutch. This will only translate your job board content generated by JazzHR like the apply button, application information, and canned questions. This will not translate your job descriptions or custom questions, you'll want to write those in Spanish or Dutch yourself to have them cohesive.

Careers Website Custom Domain

This allows you to mask your JazzHR hosted page domain from '' to something like ''. You would need to contact your IT department to set this up, do not write a URL in here without connecting with us or your IT team first.

Jobs Widget Helper File URL

This is required to set up your advanced widget. You would enter in the link where the file is stored on your servers here. 

Google Analytics Tracking ID

A tracking ID is a snippet of JavaScript that collects and sends data to Analytics from a website.

Prevent Unwanted Spam Applications

Getting a ton of junk candidates? You can add a CAPTCHA to your application to prevent spam candidates from flooding your account.

Job Description Footer

Add consistent messaging to all of your job descriptions with the Job Description Footer. Write anything in this text field to have it appear below the job description on all of your postings.
Use this area to provide information that all candidates need to know. You may, for example, outline your data management policies here, give an overview of your company or present a disclaimer.
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