How to Set up the Basic Jobs Widget

The Basic Widget is one of JazzHR's career page integration methods.  It is a small piece of code that is embedded on your website and generates a real-time listing of jobs and application forms.  The Basic Widget is compatible with WordPress and any websites which allow JavaScript.

To integrate the Basic Widget,

  1. Click Settings. 
  2. Click Job Board.
  3. Scroll to the Jobs Widget section.
  4. Copy the entire line of code that appears in the blue box.
  5. Paste the code into your company website's source code (HTML) or CMS where you'd like the widget to appear. You may need to contact your site administrator for assistance.
  6. Save your page in the CMS, or upload the edited HTML file to your server.
  7. Confirm the widget is appearing on your company website.

Note:  When the basic widget code is rendered on your website, it displays the jobs in an HTML list format.

Additional Note: If you want the "Apply with LinkedIn" button to display when you expand the job details, it might be that we have to force HTTPS on your account. If it isn't loading, email and we can take care of that for you!

Editing Jobs Widget Styles

Using CSS, you can also edit the basic look and feel of any unique elements contained in the Basic Widget.

  1. Log into JazzHR.
  2. Click Settings. Note: Only Super and Recruiting administrators and account owners will have access to Settings.
  3. Click Job Board.
  4. Scroll to Customize Jobs Widget section.
  5. Click Edit Job Widget Styles.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the editor to make CSS changes to the widget.
  7. Click Save Layout.


Please note: Some CMS systems, including the hosted WordPress site (usually a paid site), may not be supported. Therefore, there is no way to edit the widget with Javascript.


Not sure where to start with integrating your website or customizing your JazzHR hosted careers page?  Let our team help.  

Click here to see how we can transform your careers page!


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