My Profile and Settings

How to Change Your Name

  1. Click your initials at the top of the screen.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Under Profile, click Edit and you’ll see “last name” and a box in which to make changes.
  4. Click Save Profile.

How to Change Your Email Address

Note: Changing your email address will also change your login.

  1. Click your initials at the top of the screen.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Under Profile, you can click Edit and you’ll see “Email” and a box to make changes.
  4. Click Save Profile.
  5. You will receive an automatic verification email, which you will need to confirm.

Your email address is now changed, and any email correspondence will go to the new email address.  

How to Change Your Email Signature

  1. Click your initials at the top of the screen
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Under Profile, you can click Edit and you can scroll down to edit your email signature

Email Digests

Email Digests provide helpful information to people directly in their inbox, as well as give them direct inroads into Jazz to take actions. They also provide a comprehensive daily synopsis of new candidates and upcoming interviews.

Digests are sent out overnight and summarize the previous day's new candidate(s) and interviews scheduled for the current day.

Enable this feature by checking either of the digest options in My Profile.

Daily New Candidates Digest

Turn this digest on to receive a daily email with new candidate information for all jobs on which you are the hiring manager or a member of the hiring team. It will provide links to both the candidate profiles and to launch a quick screen right from the email.

Tip: You may want to revisit your notification settings to prevent redundant emails.

This email will contain the number of new candidates that have applied to jobs for which you are on the Hiring Team. The email will contain a button to launch the Candidate Quickscreen. Also included is the name of each candidate, the job the applied to, and a link to their direct profile. 

Daily Upcoming Interviews Digest

Turn this digest on to receive a daily email with your upcoming interviews for the day, including links to the interview guides for those interviews.

This email will contain the interviews that need to be conducted for the day. The information provided includes the Job the Interview is attached to, the name of the interview, the name of the candidate, and a Launch Guide button that allows you to open an conduct the interview without having to log into JazzHR.

Email Digests are an easy way to get quick access to important JazzHR information you need to make your next hire a Performer. 



How to Hide Jobs 

  1. Click on the Jobs tab.
  2. Click on the black dropdown arrow next to All Jobs.
  3. You can choose to show only jobs for which you are the Hiring Manager or on the Hiring Team.
  4. You can then Save Current Settings as the Default.

You will no longer see all jobs. Update your settings here at anytime to have all jobs reappear.  


How to Hide Disqualified Candidates

At some point, you may find that you have an overwhelming number of Candidates who are no longer in consideration for any positions with your company. However, you are still having to filter through these candidates, making it difficult to to get to your new and active Candidates.

JazzHR gives you the ability to hide all of these candidates so they no longer show in any of your Candidate Feeds. This is very to easy to manage and is available to all users.

  1. Click your initials at the top right portion of the screen.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Scroll down to Personal Settings

After this is complete, all Candidates that are set to an Inactive status will be hidden on your account. You are able to change this setting back at any time in order to see these Candidates again.

  • Click the check box next to Only show me applicants that are filed under “New” or “Active” statuses.
  • Click Save Personal Settings


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