Integrate JazzHR with your Career Page/Website

Connect your JazzHR account to your website’s career page for a seamless job-posting experience.

This article will outline various integration methods to accomplish this, ranging from the simple—prebuilt JazzHR hosted pages to the complexautomatic synchronization of job postings from JazzHR to your website. You gain increased customizability as these options increase in integration effort.

This article covers:

Share this article with your IT team for added insight on which integration option is best for your company’s website. Also, add these people as a Developer in your account so they can log in and configure these options at their own convenience.

Looking for a more personalized, custom integration? Learn about our JazzHR Advanced Career Page/Website Integration Methods.

JazzHR Hosted Careers Page

Responsive Layout

Every JazzHR account comes with a JazzHR Hosted Careers Page. This is a public-facing, uniquely branded page and is often from where candidates make their first impression of you as a company. This, for example, is where they land after applying for a position from one of JazzHR’s free job board partners.

To integrate your JazzHR jobs with your company website through this method, have your IT team create a link on your company’s website to your JazzHR Hosted Page URL, which can be found under Settings > Career Page > ‘View Career Page. The URL will contain your company subdomain, followed by

Click here for a step-by-step setup guide or here for an example of this method on a current JazzHR customer's website:


Custom Layout 

Fully customize and build your JazzHR hosted page with the Custom Layout.

JazzHR Jobs Widgets

The next tier of integration is JazzHR’s Jobs Widgets, which are small pieces of javascript code. Your IT team adds these widget codes to a web page of your choosing and then embeds them into the careers page of your website. Once implemented, the widgets talk to your JazzHR account in real-time, display a list of your open jobs, and allow candidates to apply without ever leaving your website.

There are two JazzHR Jobs Widgets:

  1. Basic Jobs Widget
  2. Advanced Jobs Widget

Basic Jobs Widget

Unlike the JazzHR Hosted Page, the Basic Job Widget allows you to embed a feed of jobs directly onto your company’s website. The process is simpleyou place the code on your website to pull jobs directly from your JazzHR account.

Sound like the right fit for you? Learn how to embed the Basic Jobs Widget on your website.

Check out the Basic Jobs Widget in action on a current JazzHR website here:



Advanced Jobs Widget

The JazzHR Advanced Job Widget option is very similar to the Basic Job Widget but allows for a search functionality from the jobs list. This lets candidates easily search and apply and is usually recommended for customers with 20+ open positions.

To learn more, visit Setting Up The Advanced Job Widget.

See an example of the Advanced Job Widget implemented on a current JazzHR customer's website here:



Job Description Footer

Add consistent messaging to all of your job descriptions with the Job Description Footer. Write anything in this text field to have it appear below the job description on all of your postings.
Use this area to provide information that all candidates need to know. You may, for example, outline your data management policies here, give an overview of your company or present a disclaimer.
Here's how to start crafting your message:
  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Career Page.
  3. Scroll down to Job Description Footer.
  4. Type in your message.
  5. Click Save.


Can I customize my jobs widget?

All unique elements in the Job Widgets can be customized by visiting Settings > Career Page > Edit Widget Styles and applying your own CSS code.

Why is my job not showing up on my careers page or widget?

Your job(s) may have Show on Careers Website turned off, which would prevent them from showing up on your JazzHR Hosted jobs page and in any Job Widgets you have installed. You can change this by following these steps:

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. Click the job you need to edit.
  3. Click Edit Job on the top right of your screen.
  4. Scroll to the Job Exposure section.
  5. Toggle the Careers Website.
  6. Click Save Job.

Your jobs will now begin appearing on your Careers Page or Widget.

I selected not to show my job on my company careers page, but I still see it there. What's wrong?

 Most likely, you are using a custom data stream like our API or XML to syndicate your jobs to your company careers page. You'll need to have your developers take a look and see why this job is still visible on your company careers page. 


How do I stop spam applicants from applying?

Add CAPTCHA to Job Postings

  1. Click Settings >Career Page.
  2. Check the box labeled Prevent Unwanted Spam Applicants.
  3. Click Save.

Once this is activated, a CAPTCHA will appear at the bottom of the live job posting.


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