Free Job Board Lists and Regulations

How to Post a Job to the Free Job Boards

When you are creating your Job, select the option to have the job posting out to the Free Job Boards. You can do so by following these easy steps:

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. Click the job title you’d like to post to the Free Job Boards.
  3. Click Edit Job
  4. Under Job Exposure, change the Free Job Syndication to YES
  5. Click Save Changes.

Which free job boards does JazzHR syndicate to?

JazzHR posts up to fourteen of the top job boards, where applicable. This gives the maximum amount of exposure possible to the jobs you create within our app. Below is a list of our free job boards. If you would like to see the job board in action, click on the name of the board, and you will be taken to the corresponding site:

  • Indeed: Indeed accepts all jobs, but has guidelines specifying what they allow on their free board. Click here to find out how to keep your jobs properly flowing to Indeed.  Staffing/Recruiter companies are not automatically eligible for free/organic syndication.
  • Glassdoor: Will not post Confidential ads.  (Ads with the company name withheld).  Staffing/Recruiter companies are not automatically eligible for free/organic syndication..
  • LinkedIn Limited:  Will not post Confidential ads.
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Google
  • Free Job Boards without restrictions: 
    • Careerjet:  In just one search access 41,852,126 jobs published on 29,928 websites in the world.
    • CBCJobs:  The CBCJobs network is one of the largest job board networks in the United States. It is used by over 50,000 people daily. We have over a million registered users and over 15,000 employers. 
    • Doostang:  Doostang has an exclusive collection of thousands of top quality, hard-to-find jobs that are not readily available elsewhere online. 
    • JobInventory:  Every job in their search results is from an employer, recruiter or job board that truly wants to hear from job seekers.
    • Jooble:  US-based job search.
    • Juju:  Juju's comprehensive search results link to millions of jobs found on thousands of employer career portals, recruiter websites, job boards, and other employment sites all over the Internet, rather than to a limited set of job postings hosted directly on our own site.
    • Oodle:  Online classifieds with a job board too.
    • The Muse:  Your company must have a profile on the Muse in order for your JazzHR jobs to syndicate to the Muse.
    • Trovit: A free online classifieds board.
  • Free Job Boards with restrictions:
    • Adzuna: Dedicated to jobs that are posted in the UK and most of Europe.
    • FlexJobs: Posts only part-time, flexible, and remote/telecommute positions.  FlexJobs will not accept 100% commission based jobs.  FlexJobs makes the ultimate determination in selecting the jobs it feels are best for its site and its visitors.
    • WowJobs:  Dedicated to jobs that are posted in Canada only.

Why don't I see any of my jobs on the Free Job Boards?

There could be a number of reasons why your job(s) may not be displayed on the Free Job Boards. It may also take 24-48 hours for a new or edited job to post and/or to be updated.  Please double-check that you created the job using our best practices.  

Common reasons jobs get rejected for free syndication include:

  • Make sure the box next to Free Job Syndication is turned to YES.
  • Make sure the box next to Public Search is turned to YES.
  • Make sure the Work From Home checkbox is NOT checked.
  • Make sure to include a complete location (country, city, and state/province)

Checking the above will often correct your issue. See our list of Free Job Board Syndication Troubleshooting tips for more information.

What is Linkedin Limited?

Limited Listings are jobs that LinkedIn ingests for free to provide complete visibility to job seekers on its platform.

However, Limited Listings only provide a base-level of visibility. Premium postings receive more than 10x as many applications per job as a Limited Listing and can target job seekers by surfacing jobs they're qualified for, while Limited Listings are only found in search. If you want to hire through LinkedIn most effectively, it is recommended to purchase premium postings. Visit our Paid Job Board Syndication article for more information.

Removing a Job From Free Job Boards

Sometimes, you will have a job that does need to be removed from the Free Job Boards for a specific reason. Follow the steps below to remove a job.

  1. Click Jobs.
  2. Click the title of the job for which you wish to stop synchronization.
  3. Click Actions.
  4. Click Edit Job Details.
  5. Under Job Exposure, change the Job Syndication to NO
  6. Click Save Changes.

It may take up to 24 hours for your jobs to no longer appear on the Free Job Boards. Each Job Board refreshes its job feed at different times throughout the day.

What if my job is available for multiple states or countries?

You can select Multiple States or Multiple Countries for your job. Please note that the free job boards may not accept a posting without a specific City, State and Zip. This is dependent on the job board and may change without notice.

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