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LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integrates your JazzHR account with your LinkedIn Recruiter account.  This expanded LinkedIn Recruiter integration allows you to streamline your hiring and recruiting processes by providing access to consistent candidate data across hiring systems.  Your entire team will have visibility into current candidate LinkedIn profiles with JazzHR, and recruiters will be able to see valuable candidate information, like applicant history while reviewing candidates in Recruiter.


What are the new features in LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC)?

  • Past Applicants Spotlight - Easily identify past applicants using JazzHR data within your Recruiter account with improved search and spotlights


  • Enhanced "In-ATS" Indicators - JazzHR will send hiring outcome details and interview feedback on candidates to Recruiter so that users can prioritize contacting the right candidates at the right time.  

  • Candidate Export to JazzHR - Easily create new candidate profiles in JazzHR, directly from Recruiter. You can export candidates to a specific job requisition and also view InMail history and notes. You can search for which job to export the candidate to either by job title or the job board code. The job board code is the unique identifier for your position during the export function. The job board code can be seen by clicking on the job title in JazzHR, clicking on the "eyeball" icon (assuming the job is OPEN), and identifying the lettered and numbered string in the URL (as seen in the GIF below). 


  • Enhanced LinkedIn Profile Widget - View accurate candidate LinkedIn profiles within JazzHR

How do I connect my JazzHR account to Recruiter System Connect?

Before connecting make sure of two things:

1. have administrator access in both JazzHR and LinkedIn to connect integration. Please note that the LinkedIn Recruiter account owner must establish the integration before any other users can connect.

2. You have LinkedIn Recruiter open in one tab and JazzHR open in another tab on your browser

In JazzHR

1. Go to Settings
2. Click Integrations
3. Scroll down to LinkedIn and click Connect
4. A modal will pop up prompting you to enable Company-Level access and Contract-Level access
5. Request Company-Level access, then Contract-Level access
    *note: After requesting, you may need to click the "Notify Partner" button, which would have replaced the "Request" button.
6. To completely enable your integration, login to your LinkedIn Recruiter account and follow the steps below.

Note: The only element that JazzHR will display in the RESUME tab is the "current employers" in a text-based resume format. You should use the "in" tab next to the PROFILE tab for any information that you exported from LinkedIn Recruiter.


In LinkedIn Recruiter

1. Sign-in to your LinkedIn Recruiter Account
2. Click MORE (found at the top on the home screen)>Admin>Settings>ATS
3. Find the JazzHR section
4. Make sure toggles on "Company-Level" and "Contract-Level" are switched to "On" - which will be denoted by a dark blue color after toggle is switched.

This will connect your LinkedIn Recruiter Account account to JazzHR. 

*Note- You must have a LinkedIn company profile to integrate your LinkedIn Recruiter and JazzHR accounts. To create a LinkedIn company profile, follow the instructions here.


How do I disconnect my RSC integration from JazzHR?

For the time being, you will need to reach out to LinkedIn and ask them to disconnect your RSC from JazzHR.

It seems that the integration is working. Why don't I see my jobs in a dropdown list in RSC?

If the "public search" option on your jobs is toggled to "NO" under the POST tab on job creation in JazzHR, the job will not populate in your list of dropdowns in LinkedIn Recruiter.

Why am I not seeing the export function on certain candidate profiles within LinkedIn Recruiter?

Candidates have the ability to turn on certain privacy settings within their LinkedIn account to prevent them from being exported to JazzHR. Specifically, they can disable "Off-LinkedIn Visibility": This is entirely at the candidate's individual discretion and will block the export field from appearing on their profile.

Why cannot I see the LinkedIn profile widget in my JazzHR candidate's profile?

JazzHR users can only see the LinkedIn profile widget if you also have a Personal LinkedIn Recruiter Seat set up within JazzHR connected to your company's LinkedIn Recruiter account. For instructions on how to connect your personal recruiter seat, click here.


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