Active Jobs

What is an Active Job?

Active Jobs refer to Open Jobs for customers that are on the JazzHR Hero plan. Every standard Hero subscription includes 3 Active Jobs, or 3 jobs that can be open at a given time.  You can create as many jobs as needed in your Hero account, but can only have a certain number of active (or open) jobs.

Can I add additional Active Jobs?

Yes! If you are on the Hero plan, you have the ability to purchase additional Active Jobs for an incremental fee.  You can make this purchase from within your JazzHR from the Account Information area.

Can I subtract Active Jobs when I no longer need them?

Yes!  To do this, you would mark your extra jobs as Closed, Filled, Cancelled or On Hold, and then update the billing/subscription details on your account.  This information is found by clicking on your initials>Account Information.



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